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Prof Alastair J Sloan 

Recent Grants

  • Dr Hadwen Trust – Development of new methodologies for the 3D in vitro study of bone disease. BAJ Evans (PI), AJ Sloan, DJ Mason, J Ralphs, JW Gregory. 2010-2012; £83,060
  • EPSRC – Probing the Mechanical Control of Stem Cell Fate Through The Development of Novel Non-Invasive Imaging Techniques. P Stephens (PI), AJ Sloan, P Borri, S Hunter, R Errington, S Paisey, W Langbain, E Tippman, K Hawkins, C Wright, R Williams. 2010-2013; £1.5M
  • MRC – Harnessing Dental Pulp Stem Cells to Enhance Tissue Regeneration. AJ Sloan (PI), RJ Waddington 2010-2012; £226,553
  • Royal College of Surgeons, England - The effect of polycaprolactone-phosphate bioactive glass composites on mineralisation in dental pulp cells. A Alani (PI), AJ Sloan, K Bishop, J Knowles, A Gilmour 2010-2011; £9250
  • Al-Bawani Co. Ltd. The dental pulp progenitor cell niche. AJ Sloan (PI), RJ Waddington and R Moseley 2009-2012; £60,000
  • BSPED - British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes. Development of a novel ex vivo femoral slice model for the study of osteonecrosis and other bone diseases. J Gregory (PI), BAJ Evans (both MEDIC), AJ Sloan, 2009-2010  £14,394
  • Welsh Office for Research & Development – Commitment and potential of dental pulp stem cells: their role in directing dental tissue regeneration. AJ Sloan (PI), RJ Waddington, J Rees 2007-2010; £70,000

Selected Projects

  • An ex vivo mouse mandible culture model to study inflammatory bone disease
  • Influence of surface modification of titanium on progenitor bone cell behaviour during osseointegration
  • Ex vivo modelling of antimicrobial measures in pulpal disease
  • Ex vivo modelling of bone regeneration
  • Isolation or progenitor cell niches from dental pulp and the influence of the extracellular environment in promoting bone and dentine tissue engineering
  • The role of the extracellular matrix in growth factor presentation during mineralised tissue repair
  • Dental material directed tissue regeneration
  • Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and its treatment and osteonecrosis?
  • Host response to oral infection with Candida albicans
  • Biological basis of novel clinical strategies for vital pulp therapy
  • Effects of orthodontic forces on the dentine-pulp complex