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Dr Rebecca Playle 

Career Profile

1993-1995      Research Statistician, Health Promotion Wales, Cardiff UK

1995-2001      Medical Statistician, Diabetes Research Unit, Llandough Hospital, Cardiff UK

2001-2001      Lecturer in Statistics, University of Western Sydney, Australia

2001-2001      Research Statistician, University of Sydney, Australia

2002-2004      Lecturer in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, Dept of Epidemiology, University of  Wales College Cardiff, UK

2004-2007      Lecturer in Medical Statistics, Cardiff University Dental School, UK

2007-present   Part-time secondment as Senior Statistician for the South East Wales Trials Unit, Cardiff University 

Memberships / External Activities

Fellow of the HEA

Awards / Prizes

Certificate in Teaching Statistics in Higher Education

Teaching Profile

Undergraduate Teaching topics Year 3

  • Introduction to SPSS, data entry, cleaning and management, graphing, summary statistics and the Normal distribution
  • Introduction to confidence intervals, sampling variation, testing for normality, confidence intervals for paired data
  • Probability and hypothesis testing,  paired parametric and non-parametric tests
  • Comparson of independent groups, unpaired parametric and non-parametric tests
  • Proportions and Caregorical data, Chi-square tests, Relative risks and Odds ratios

Undergraduate Teaching topics Year 4

  • Study design
  • Statistics for critical appraisal

Postgraduate and Advanced Teaching topics

  • Adequacy of statistical information, interpretation of statistical tests, Type I and Type II errors, study planning and power, statistical significance and clinical importance
  • Oneway ANOVA, assumptions of ANOVA, model building and checking, post hoc tests
  • Two factor ANOVA, fixed and random effects, model building and checking
  • Regression, bivariate and multivariate linear regression, assumption checking and model fitting
  • Logistic regression, bivariate and multivariate regression