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Prof Simon C Moore 

 Research Funding


The aim of much of my research is to translate basic-level, fundamental, science and apply it to the real world in order to address the considerable harm associated with violence and alcohol misuse. My work is multi-disciplinary, crossing psychology, neuroscience, economics, public health and other disciplines and typically involves practitioners and policy makers who are involved with such issues. All projects have a clear impact pathway, whether that is to inform policy and practice directly or to seed further work such as an implementation trial.  



Co-I: "Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer) - Renewal" (£2.8M) (with Swansea and Bristol Universities)

PI: "Randomised Controlled Trial of All-Wales Licensed Premises Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Related Violence." National Institute for Health Research (2012 to 2015) (£815k) (with Glamorgan University, SEWTU, Decipher, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

Co-I: "To determine the barriers and facilitators to embed alcohol brief interventions within the NHS - leading to a model for future programmes" ESRC and WAG (2011 to 2013) (£141k) (with Welsh Assembly Government, Public Health Wales, NHS)

PI: “Longitudinal study of social and cognitive risks for alcohol misuse in first year university students” The European Foundation for Alcohol Research (80k Euros) (2011 to 2013) (with van Goozen, Pyschology, & van den Bree, Psychological Medicine)



Co-PI: “Assessment of Cognitive Models that Inform Deterring Young Vulnerable Gamblers” ESRC (£263k) (with van Goozen, Psychology)

PI: “A feasibility study of a licensed premise intervention to reduce alcohol misuse and violent injury” Medical Research Council (£450k) (2009 to 2011) (with CISHE)

PI: "A Multi-Agency Community Based Intervention to Reduce Excessive Drinking in Cardiff City Centre" Alcohol and Education Research Council (£50k) (with South Wales Police, Cardiff & Vale LA)

Co-I: “Predicting the persistence of problem behaviour in at-risk individuals: A study of inhibition in alcohol abusing and antisocial youngsters” British Academy (£20k) (with van Goozen, Psychology)

PI: “Title: Binge drinking, aggression and delay discounting in students” Alcohol and Education Research Council 

PI: “The Mediating Role of Personality on Changing Risky Behaviour” Health Alliance 

Co-PI: “Deterring Violence: Penalties, Probabilities, Perceptions or Personalities?” Welsh Office for Research and Development (with Foreman-Peck, Business School)



I am also regularly asked if I would like to evaluate or lead research looking into aspects of service delivery. I see these as opportunities to translate fundamental research into practice. I would only undertake such work where there is a clear impact pathway. Such projects have covered topics such as diversionary work with first time offending youths and facilitating back to work schemes for incarcerated violent offenders. These projects are typically small pieces of work that have impact on service delivery and seed future research. For example, we are now looking at developing work involving third sector organisations, the police, Youth Offending Services and academics to better understand pathways that divert youngsters from criminal trajectories. I am also collaborating with the Welsh Ambulance Trust, the Local Area Health Board and South Wales Police in a Project that looks at how services are aligned in the treatment of those who become severely intoxicated in the Night Time Economy.