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Prof Michael A O Lewis 

Research Projects

A clinical and microbiological study of facial lacerations.

The physical properties of casts prepared from impression materials treated with Nu-Cidex.

Molecular the identification of clinical isolates of Candida species.

Genetic identification of pathogenic factors related to the Streptococcus milleri group.

A randomised, controlled trial of clinical outreach education to rationalise antibiotic prescribing for dental conditions in the primary care setting.  (Consortium grant with Dr D Thomas, Dr A Bevan, Prof S Richmond and others).

A study of the safety of topical Penciclovir in the treatment of herpes labialis in adolecence.

The role of Candida albicans in the development of chronic hyperplastic candidosis, mucosal dysplasia and oral cancer.

A pilot study of efficacy of aciclovir 5% combined with lignocaine 2% in the management of herpes labialis.

A multicentre double blind active controlled parallel study comparing the efficacy and safety of aciclovir 5% and lignocaine 2% to aciclovir 5% alone in subjects with herpes labialis.  Principal investigator and Lead Clinician for 15 centre study.

An exploratory, observational cohort study investigating commercially available treatments which may reduce the scab stage of recurrent herpes labialis.

A preference trial to investigate patient perception with a commercially available wound care product on the lesion caused by recurrent herpes labialis.

Biennial susceptibility survey of dental pathogens in UK.