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Dr Adam Glen 

Position:Postdoctoral research scientist

Telephone:+44 (0)29 2074 5454

Research Theme

Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry

Research Group

Wound Biology Group

Research Interests

Regenerative medicine is a branch of science which aims to replace/restore function to damaged tissues in a diverse range of debilitating and currently incurable conditions including conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and type 1 diabetes. One branch of regenerative medicine harnesses the inherent ability of stem cells (SCs) to produce multiple specialized cell types (differentiation) by transplanting SCs derived from the individual themselves, embryonic sources or other healthy adults into sites exhibiting cellular loss/damage. My primary research interests centre on the development of novel non invasive imaging technologies of stem cells in engineered microenvironments representative of mature tissue hierarchies. In addition, I am investigating previously uncharacterised novel factors which could have implications for the safety/efficacy of stem cell transplantation and developing alternative models to address such problems.

I also have a keen interest in science policy and communication. Regarding the latter I will be participating in this year’s MP exchange scheme sponsored by the Royal Society. I also write my own blog with the hope of energising the general public with a passion for science, what is like to be a scientist and give a measured opinion of a career in scientific research to those considering research careers.

Keywords: Stem cell biology, cancer cell biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, bioengineering, nanotechnologies, cellular imaging and proteomics.



Selected Projects

Probing the mechanical control of stem cell fate through the development of novel, non-invasive imaging technologies (funded by the EPSRC).