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Prof Daniel Aeschlimann 

Career Profile

MSc (Diploma in Biology II: Biochemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics), Biocenter, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

PhD in Biochemistry (rated Summa Cum Laude), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Dr. Mats Paulsson, M. E. Müller-Institute for Biomechanics, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland.

Fellowship from the European Molecular Biology Organization, Heidelberg, Germany to work with Dr. Deane F. Mosher, Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.

Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA (received Fellowship for Advanced Researchers from Swiss National Science Foundation in 1996/1997)

Lecturer in Biochemistry, Cardiff University, Cardiff, U.K.

Professor of Biological Sciences, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, Cardiff, U.K. 


Professional Activities

Reviewer for Journals:

Member of Editorial Board of The Journal of Biological Chemistry (2000-2002)

Ad hoc Reviewer for Journals:
Biochemistry, Biomaterials, Cancer Research, Cell Death and Differentiation, European Journal of Biochemistry, European Journal of Cell Biology, Experimental Cell Research, FEBS Lett., Human Molecular Genetics, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Journal of Neurochemistry, Journal of Orthopedic Research, Matrix Biology, Nature Cell Biology, Neurochemistry International, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage

Reviewer for Funding Bodies:

Action Medical Research, Arthritis Research Campaign, BBSRC, National Kidney Research Fund, Wellcome Trust and National University of Singapore, Singapore



Invited seminar/conference speaker:

•     3rd Symposium of the International Cartilage Repair Society, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2000

•     11th International Congress of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, York, UK, 2000

•     Smith & Nephew, York, UK, 2000

•     University  of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, 2000

•     University of Caen, France, 2000

•     11th Conference of the European Tissue Repair Society, Cardiff, UK, 2001

•     International Congress on Transglutaminases, Protein Crosslinking and Coeliac Disease, Tampere, Finland, 2001

•     Pierre Fabre, Paris, France, 2001

•     Unilever, Sharnbrook, UK, 2001

•     10th international Symposium on Coeliac Disease, Paris, France, 2002

•     University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany, 2002

•     University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2002

•     European Science Foundation Workshop on Protein Crosslinking in Neuronal Inclusions, Debrecen, Hungary, 2003

•      8th International Conference on Amino Acids and Proteins, Rome, Italy, 2003.

•      University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany, 2003

•      N-Zyme, Darmstadt, Germany, 2003

•      EC Cost Action Conference on Textile Quality and Biotechnology, Gran Canaria, Spain 2005

•      European Polymer Federation meeting, the Vosges, France, 2005

•      Network for Ichthyosis and related Keratinization Disorders, Muenster, Germany, 2005

•      University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2005

•      National University of Singapore, Singapore 2005

•      Cancer Cell Biology Group, CIMR, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 2005

•      SFB Symposium on molecular basis of structural and functional barriers in the skin, Cologne, Germany, 2006

•      Zedira, Darmstadt, Germany, 2008


Postgraduate Students

Helen Thomas: “Characterisation of a novel transglutaminase gene product, TGY, and determination of its biological role”, PhD awarded 2004
(oral presentation prize at 7th International Conference on Transglutaminases and Protein Crosslinking Reactions, Ferrara, Italy, 2002)

Kate Silverthorne: “Development of ‘smart’ biomaterials for tissue repair”, PhD awarded 2004
(oral presentation prize at Smith& Nephew Research day, York, 2002)

Sally Rosser Davies: “Novel transglutaminases and their regulation – a potential route to healthy skin”, PhD awarded 2005

Lorna Fiedler: “Role of decorin in regulation of angiogenesis”, PhD awarded 2007
(oral presentation prize at Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair meeting 2004; poster prize at Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair meeting 2005; oral presentation prize at British Matrix Biology Society meeting, Manchester, 2005; poster prize at British Matrix Biology Society meeting, Newcastle, 2006).

Anna Koutoulaki: “Molecular and functional analysis of IL-18 receptor regulation”, current
(Unilever poster prize at British Society for Dental Research meeting, Durham, 2007)

Jessica Edwards: “Role  of transglutaminase in signalling that regulates epithelial responses in wound healing”, current