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Dental Education Research

Dental Foundation Trainers' (DF1) Expectations of Dental Graduates 



Welcome to our webpage.  This page has been designed for Foundation Trainers (DF1) who are involved in this study and wish to have more information. 

We intend to place results of the study here. Early results from the pilot study undertaken in Wales are already posted here for viewing.

The buttons on the right will allow you to navigate to the appropriate page. 

This project has been funded by a grant from COPDEND


Meet the Team - Who are we?

Alan Gilmour

Reader/Consultant Restorative Dentistry
Cardiff University School of Dentistry

I am an experienced undergraduate teacher both in a clinical, didactic and supervisory capacity. In addition I am also heavily involved with the management and organisation of undergraduate programmes. This has given me a detailed interest in student progression and a realisation of the importance of a staged approach to transition from UG education to foundation training. My involvement in the development of Outreach Training in St David’s Hospital in Cardiff in 2002 demonstrates this long term commitment. My research experience is varied but has over the last few years increasingly focussed on this transition. As Director of the BDS programme and Lead for the Learning and Scholarship Theme within the Dental School I am well placed to understand the implications of this work. A pilot project carried out in Wales has led to changes within undergraduate teaching but has also allowed an improved communication between the School in Cardiff and Foundation Trainers in Wales. The aim is to continue this throughout the UK and Northern Ireland and improve the transparency of the transition from UG to Foundation Training.  I regularly present at national and international conferences and was recently awarded the “Excellence in Dental Education” award at the Association Dental Education in Europe meeting in Amsterdam.

Address Details and Web

Learning and Scholarship Group, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, Heath Park, Cardiff CF4 4XY 

Email –


Alison Bukkock

Alison Bullock

Professor of Medical and Dental Education

Cardiff University School of Social Sciences

As the Director of the Cardiff Unit for Research and Evaluation in Medical and Dental Education (CUREMeDE) I am an experienced project lead. I have directed many research and development projects in postgraduate dental education and training including two recent COPDEND funded projects (Guidelines for Dental Educators and VT by Assessment).  I have a good understanding of the relationship between education, professional practice and patient care and a keen interest in the transition from training to practice and   workplace based learning and continuing education.  I regularly present at national and international conferences and am currently President of the Education Research Group of the International Association of Dental Research.

Address Details and Web

CUREMeDE, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Glamorgan Building,
King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3WT.    



Contact Us:

Rhiannon Jones

Research Associate
Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Rhiannon is the Research Associate working on the study. If you have any queries about the project please do not hesitate to contact her.

Direct Tel: 029 20745341

(Please note working days are Monday, Tuesday &Wednesday)