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Periodic Review 2012

During the 2011/12 academic session the School of Dentistry will undergo the Cardiff University internal quality assurance process of Periodic Review and Revalidation for all its educational provision. The School is in the last tranche of schools to take part in the process that leads up to an Institutional Review of the University by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education that will take place in 2014. We must complete the process and submit documentary evidence to the University by August 2012.

The purpose of Periodic Review is to provide academic staff with the opportunity of ensuring, through in-depth review, that programmes of study bearing the University’s imprimatur are fit to do so and that the programmes meet the current expectations and needs of students, employers and other stakeholders. The process is designed to be undertaken using existing academic structures and mechanisms and have a clear link with the Quality Progress Review and Annual Programme Review and Evaluation processes. The action points from Periodic Review will feed into a School Action Plan and provide the basis for the on-going actions to be monitored via future Annual Programme Review and Evaluation processes.

During Periodic Review the School must reflect on:

  • Changes that have been made to programmes over time;
  • The needs of our current and future students;
  • The validity, relevance and viability of our programmes;
  • The ways in which our portfolio of provision should evolve.

The process is designed to help the School ensure our programmes are:

  • Of a consistently high educational standard;
  • Up-to-date and meet the needs of students, employers and other stakeholders.

Periodic Review will cover all our award-bearing taught provision and also include research degrees that have an assessed taught component. In addition, as part of the review process the School has been asked to reflect on the following strategic enhancement themes:

  • Assessment (including feedback);
  • Employability and Skills;
  • Technology Enhanced Education;
  • Inclusive Curriculum;
  • The Relationship of Learning and Teaching with Research.

The outcomes sought by the University through the Periodic Review process include:

  • Confidence that provision remains attractive, innovative, market relevant and of a high academic standard;
  • Assurances that provision offers a range of stimulating and high quality learning opportunities for students;
  • Action points, which will normally provide: 1. Clear plans for the future development of the portfolio of provision, 2. Clear plans for the ongoing enhancement of the students learning experience.

Revalidation of our programmes by the University confirms that the School of Dentistry has:

  • Analysed, critically reviewed and evaluated its provision and undertaken Periodic Review effectively;
  • Confidence in relation to the protection of standards of its awards and the quality of its provision and its enhancement.

It is essential that the School and academic staff engage fully with the process through our Programme Committees and the various working groups we have established to consider the enhancement themes. The decision to revalidate the School’s provision is based upon the University’s confidence in the outcomes of Periodic Review, evidenced by the documentary outputs we submit in August 2012. These outputs are scrutinised and considered by the ASQC Periodic Review and Revalidation Sub-Committee; School representatives will have an opportunity to meet with the Sub-Committee in September 2012.