Semester dates

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

You normally will need to arrive one week before the start of the semester in which you are beginning your studies.

This will allow you time to attend orientation, join freshers' events and settle into your new home.

Fall/Autumn semester 2017/18

Date for new students to arrive: 20 or 21 September 2017.

Please note that students studying for the Autumn semester only may not be expected to return after the Christmas vacation for the examination period. Please check whether alternative assessment will be arranged.

Teaching will end on 15 December 2017 -  this is the end of the semester if you don't have to take examinations.

Examination period: 15 January - 26 January 2017

Spring semester 2018

Date for new students to arrive: Monday 22 January 2018

Teaching period: 29 January - 15 June 2018

Easter recess: 24 March - 15 April 2018

Examining period: 14 May - 15 June 2018