Rydym wedi datblygu ffordd ryngddisgyblaethol o edrych ar y gwyddorau cymdeithasol ac mae hyn yn cael ei adlewyrchu yn ein gwaith ymchwil ac addysgu.

Mae gennym glystyrau penodol o ragoriaeth mewn ymchwil ym meysydd cymdeithaseg ac addysg, a diffinnir y rhain yn gyffredinol drwy'r themâu isod:

Nodwch, mae'r tudalennau isod ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Science, Technology and Risk

Science, technology and risk

Science and Technology Studies is a key area in British sociology. We are one of the leading centres of excellence in Europe, with several programmes of work in this area.

Crime, Security and Justice

Crime, security and justice

Applying theoretical innovation to inform new ways of understanding and responding to crime.

Education research

Education and education policy

We have a proven track record of leading international research on educational policy and practice across a number of sectors and phases of education.

Health and Social Care

Health and social care

The applied nature of our work brings together multidisciplinary researchers to investigate policies and practice that are most effective at fostering better and more equal health and wellbeing outcomes.

Inequality, Labour and the Future of Work

Inequality, labour and the future of work

We have an established team of researchers interested in a wide range of issues relating to skills, labour and the future of work.

People, Place and Policy

People, place and policy

Our work in this area is united by a rigorous application of empirical methods to explore the ways in which a sense of place shapes people’s identities and experience.