Dr Alex Franklin

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Dr Alex Franklin

Contact details

Email: FranklinA1@cardiff.ac.uk

Telephone:  +44(0) 29 208 70974


Alex is a Research Fellow at the Sustainable Places Research Institute, where she leads the 'Communities and Sustainability' research programme. She specialises in qualitative research techniques and Participatory Action Research informed methodologies.  She has considerable experience in researching and publishing on community-based sustainable place making, both within the UK and internationally, with a particular focus of community land use and community food initiatives. Recent (external) research and evaluation contracts led by Alex include a review of the Welsh Government 'Pathfinder Programme' ('community action on climate change') (2013), and the (collaborative) development of a Public Outcomes Evaluation Framework for the Canal and Rivers Trust (on-going).

Recent Research Projects (external funding)

Canal and Rivers Trust - Public Benefits Outcome Framework, 2014 (ongoing) [Co-applicant]  

Hungarian Academy of Sciences ('Small Incubator Grant') - Community-based sustainability and integrated land use: a practice based review of Wales and Hungary' - Visiting Research Fellowship, 2014 [Co-applicant]  

Welsh Government – 'Building community resilience: the role for community energy projects in sustainable place making' ESRC-DTC Studentship (match funding) 2013-2016 [Principal applicant]

Welsh Government – Community action for climate change: Pathfinder learning review, 2012-13 [Principal applicant]

ESRC Festival of Social Science Event – 'Communities and Sustainability Researchers: Developing Shared Priorities' (November 2012) [Co-applicant]

University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute – International Visiting Research Fellowship, 2012 [Principal applicant]

Sustainable Practices Research Group (ESRC-funded, led by University of Manchester) - Short Research Fellowship, 2010 [Principal applicant]

SUSTRANS – 'Bike it Walk it' Project Review, 2009  [Principal applicant]

ESRC - Motivating, Engaging, Leading and Supporting Skills and Knowledge for Sustainable Communities (RES-182-25-0012), 2007-2008 [Co-applicant]

Forestry Commission – Forestry for People: Social Benefits of Forestry in Rural and Urban Areas, 2007-2008 [Principal applicant]

Welsh Assembly Government – bTB Biosecurity in Wales: Review of Intensive Treatment Area Veterinary Capacity in Wales 2007-2008 [Principal applicant]

ESRC - Biosecurity and the regulation of animal health: the case of bovine tuberculosis (RES-000-22-1738), 2006-2007 [Co-applicant]  



Books (Edited)

Franklin, A and Blyton, P (2011) (Eds) Researching Sustainability: A Social Science Guide to Methods, Practice and Engagement. Earthscan, London


Journal Papers & Book Chapters

MacGillivray, B and Franklin, A (under review) 'Guest editorial: Place as a boundary device for the sustainability sciences' Environmental Science and Policy (Special Issue)

Schuurman, N and Franklin, A (accepted, forthcoming) 'Performing expertise in human–animal relationships: performative instability and the role of counter-performance Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

Franklin, A and Marsden, T (2014) '(Dis)connected communities and sustainable place-making' Local Environment(I-print available online)

Franklin, A and Morgan, S (2014) 'Exploring the new rural-urban interface: community food practice, land access and farmer entrepreneurialism' in Marsden, T and Morley, A (Eds) Sustainable Food Systems Routledge: London

Marsden, T and Franklin, A (2013) 'Re-placing Neoliberalism: theoretical implications of the rise of local food movements' Local Environment (Special Issue) 18, 5, 636-641

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Marsden, T; Eklund, E and; Franklin, A (2004) Rural mobilisation as rural development: a comparative analysis of European rural regions who are struggling with the realities of integrated rural development International Planning Studies, 9, 2-3, 79-100


Working Papers and Research Reports

Franklin, A (2013) 'Learning from the Welsh Government 'Community Action for Climate Change' Pathfinders Programme' Welsh Government Research Report

Ladwa-Thomas, U; Amesbury, J; Darnton, A and Franklin, A (2013) Welsh Government Pathfinder Programme: Learnings to Inform Policy Welsh Government Policy Recommendations Report

Franklin, A (2012) Working Together: Urban Communities as Sustainable Places Welsh Government: Cardiff University Conference Report

Newton, J., Franklin, A., Middleton, J and Marsden, T (2009) 'Understanding the Role of Skills, Learning and Knowledge for Sustainable Communities' BRASS Working Paper Series N.51

Franklin, A (2008) 'Changing Attitudes, Changing Cultures: Review of the south west Wales Biosecurity Intensive Treatment Area' Research Report for the Welsh Assembly Government. BRASS Research Report Publication Series

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Franklin, A; Marsden, T and Kitchen, L (2005) 'Rural Labour Markets: Exploring the Mismatches' Report for Welsh Government www.walesruralobservatory.org.uk

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Franklin, A; Bishop, K; Marsden, T; & Milbourne, P (2004) 'Forests and Forest Land in the Context of Broader Land Use Planning' Environmental Planning Research Paper No. 29.

Bristow, G; Cowell, R; Franklin, A, and Marsden, T (2001) 'Public Assistance to Rural Land in Scotland' Report for the Scottish Executive

Additional information

Alex is also a co-editor of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.