Applied and Computational Mathematics Research Group

Our research in the area of applied and computational mathematics is informed by problems at the interface with physical sciences, biological sciences and engineering and there are many productive interdisciplinary collaborations within Cardiff University and further afield.

Our national and international collaborators include research groups at Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Swansea, Canberra, Curtin (Perth), Perth, Delft, Northwestern, Ljubljana and Montréal.

The group hosts the Cardiff University Student Chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (SIAM-IMA Student Chapter) which encompasses postgraduate students and faculty members from across the University who are interested in mathematics or scientific computing and their real-world applications.

The main areas of research within the current group are:

Theoretical and applied fluid mechanics

Free-surface flows, dynamics of liquid films and jets, hydrodynamic stability theory, laminar-turbulent transition mechanisms, boundary-layer and wake flow instabilities, boundary layer flow control, viscoelastic flows, bubble dynamics, constitutive modelling of polymeric liquids.

Mathematics and mechanics of solids

Nonlinear elasticity, contact problems, limit states analysis, constitutive modelling in materials science.

Mathematical biology

The development of mathematical, computational and statistical methods to address biological and medical problems.

Applied analysis

Inverse problems in materials modelling, homogenisation and the mechanics of composites.

Numerical analysis and scientific computing

The development of algorithms for the numerical solution of partial differential applications.

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All seminars are held at 14:10 in Room M/2.06, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff unless stated otherwise.

Programme organiser and contact: Dr Usama Kadri


11 September 2018

Associate Professor Amin Chabchoub (The University of Sydney)

Hydrodynamic Shock and Rogue Waves

The uni-directional propagation of surface gravity water waves can be described within the framework of weakly nonlinear evolution equations such as the Korteweg-de Vries equation (KdV) in shallow-water and the nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLS) in intermediate water depth as well as deep-water regime. Both, the KdV and NLS are physically very rich and can be for instance used to study the fundamental principles of nonlinear dynamics such as the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence. Indeed, one possible explanation for the formation of ocean extreme waves, also referred to as rogue waves, is the modulation instability of nonlinear Stokes waves. This instability mechanism can be discussed within the context of exact NLS breather solutions, such as fundamental Akhmediev- or Peregrine-type breathers. A number of recent laboratory experiments on solitons and breathers in several water wave flumes will be described while novel insights on shock and rogue waves as well as domain wall physics will be discussed as well.

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