Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

ECSCRI laboratory

Did you know...?

4 Chwefror 2016

On World Cancer Day, we take a look at some of the key research being carried out at the Institute.

Dr Lee Parry with 6th form students

Inspiring the next generation of scientists

1 Chwefror 2016

Sixth Form science students tour the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute laboratory.

Professor Alan Clarke

Tributes to leading cancer researcher

13 Ionawr 2016

Chancellor, Professor Sir Martin Evans reflects on Professor Alan Clarke’s life and work.

Professor Alan Clarke

Professor Alan Clarke

4 Ionawr 2016

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the untimely death of Professor Alan Clarke.

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Dyfarnu Cymrodoriaeth John Goldman am wyddoniaeth y dyfodol i Dr Fernando dos Anjos Afonso

29 Hydref 2015

Elusen flaenllaw mewn ymchwil lewcemia yn dyfarnu cymrodoriaeth glodfawr John Goldman

Photo of Dr Afonso

Cymrawd Jane Hodge yn cychwyn rhaglen ymchwil newydd

23 Hydref 2015

Cymrawd Ymchwil newydd yn y Sefydliad Ymchwil Bôn-gelloedd Canser Ewropeaidd

Dr Boris Shorning and Dr Neil Trent

Stopping the Spread of Prostate Cancer

17 Mehefin 2015

To mark Men's Health Week 2015, two scientists from the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute explain how they're working to try to halt the spread of cancer of the prostate.

Olivia Hayward and Dr Richard Clarkson

Double Success leads to Institute’s First Cancer Stem Cell Agent

9 Mehefin 2015

When Olivia Hayward embarked on a PhD in drug discovery, she never dreamed that she would replicate the successes of a predecessor who had discovered a novel anti-cancer agent.

Mark Bishop - Lab Manager

World Cancer Day - thank you!

9 Mehefin 2015

A fundraising effort on World Cancer Day has led to the purchase of essential equipment for the Research Institute.

Snowglobes at the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute

Active in Europe

9 Mehefin 2015

The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute has been extremely busy in terms of European engagement since its inception