Midwifery project

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Mum and newborn Rundu

The women and babies of Namibia need skilled midwives who are confident in their midwifery practice to provide safe births and appropriate emergency midwifery care, as well as prompt and efficient referral to obstetric services.

This project has several dimensions:

  1. Review of the nurse/midwife curriculum, particularly year four of the degree programme, to enhance the confidence of midwives in clinical practice at the point of graduation.
  2. Support new learning and teaching methods such as clinical simulation.
  3. Advise on mentorship and evaluation of placement learning for student midwives.
  4. Organisation of student mobility between UNAM and CU.


£5,000 from the School of Healthcare Sciences strategic fund enabled Grace Thomas and Sarah Davies to visit and work with UNAM’s midwifery lecturing team to advise on the midwifery curriculum and the advanced midwifery programme which they aim to commence in 2017.

UNAM educate nurse-midwives through a 4-year degree programme and their curriculum is well developed. Cardiff University staff have:

  • discussed ways of bridging the practice-theory gap with the use of simulated learning and to evaluate the confidence of students to practice midwifery at the end of their programme.
  • supported the UNAM midwifery team by sharing many learning resources.
  • discussed the development of a ‘train the trainers’ programme for simulated learning in midwifery which we hope to return to deliver in 2016.
  • considered specific projects, such as perinatal mental health, that can be planned in the future

A positive outcome of our trip is the agreement for international exchange visits between student midwives and nurses – to commence in 2016. Also the CU Midwifery Society are planning a virtual "buddying" scheme to share learning and experiences with student midwives at UNAM.

Intended impact

  1. Enhanced academic rigor: ensuring the midwifery curriculum and advanced programme are fit for purpose.
  2. Midwives feel confident in their clinical skills and efficient referral at the point of graduation.
  3. Increased international mobility for student midwives and nurses.

Project Contact


Grace Thomas

+44 (0)29 2091 7837