Mathematics for Namibians

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Mathematics debriefing at University of Namibia

The Maths strand of the project has focussed on learning and teaching activities to support the UNAM mathematics department to address the high failure rate in first year mathematics modules.

Specific difficulties include:

  • extremely large class sizes (~1500 students on one module); 
  • large variation in the mathematical preparedness and confidence of the students; 
  • small number of academic staff in the UNAM mathematics department.


Cardiff School of Mathematics has;

  • Produced a list of electronic resources directly mapped to the first year mathematics modules in UNAM;
  • Hosted visitors from UNAM mathematics department to discuss and share alternative approaches to learning and teaching mathematics. This has led to a form of lecture capture (tablet recordings) being introduced in one mathematics module, and additional electronic examples being made available to students in preparation for tutorial classes;
  • Provided a letter of support to UNAM mathematics department in a bid to address the low staffing levels. This has helped obtain agreement from UNAM to create 4 new lecturer positions in Mathematics over a 2-year period from January 2016;
  • Developed (in conjunction with UNAM mathematics department) a pilot Summer School to be delivered in January 2016.

Intended impact

Additional learning resources and adjustments to learning and teaching activities are intended to provide additional support for the large number of students undertaking the mathematics modules;

  • The introduction of additional staff from January 2016 will lower student:staff ratios and allow further tutorial classes to be timetabled. This will subsequently reduce the class size in these sessions (to a maximum of 40 students); 
  • The aim of the Summer School pilot programme will be to reinforce essential mathematical concepts and to increase student confidence to engage with the subject.

Project contact

Dr Robert Wilson

Dr Robert Wilson

Senior lecturer/Director of Learning and Teaching

+44 (0)29 2087 5517