Building a Python Community

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Computing students at UNAM
Computing students at UNAM

Phoenix is supporting the creation of an open source software community in Namibia by:

  • supporting and organising conferences in Namibia
  • training and building sustainable expertise in the use of Python and software development tools
  • raising international awareness of the Namibian software community.

Computer Science student, Ngatatue Mate, describes the importance of Python to Namibia and the development of the PyNam Society.

Ngatatue interview


Our main output is the organisation of the first Namibian open source conference in February 2015 with 70 delegates. The conference has a lasting legacy, resulting in the creation of the Python Namibia community: PyNam. Since the first conference, two further meetings have been held, with the February 2017 event attracting presenters from other southern Africa countries. What started as a gathering of Python software enthusiasts in Namibia in 2015 has now spread to Zimbabwe, with other conventions planned elsewhere in Africa including Mozambique, Uganda and Botswana.

In addition, Namibians have attended the European Django conferences in Cardiff.

We have helped to develop a sustainable open source software community in Namibia. This will enable the community to not only be consumers of software that powers most computer applications, but also producers.

PyCon 2017 video

Intended impact

The impact will be financial, educational and societal.

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