Sharing academic skills

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Sharing expertise in study skills with University of Namibia

A lack of study skills identified amongst UNAM students led to the following objectives:

  • Provide training in Academic Study Skills to UNAM  Library Staff for dissemination July 2015
  • Carry out a scoping exercise for the project July 2015
  • Develop online resources December 2016


The following outputs have already been achieved:

  • 28 UNAM Library Staff trained with Certificates of Attendance awarded
  • Resources supplied to all trainees
  • Collaborative working between the Language Centre, Library Services, The Office of the Dean of Students commenced
  • Video resource developed by eLearning and Interactive Multimedia Unit in liaison with Cardiff University and uploaded onto the UNAM YouTube site

Many of the original objectives of this project have already been achieved and the following objectives are in now in place:

  • UNAM Library Staff to cascade the training received to staff and / or students
  • Cardiff University to develop online resources using Xerte (and possibly Panopto) and to share with UNAM for repurposing
  • Cardiff University to liaise with UNAM Language Centre in regards to developing training for Academic Study Skills
  • Cardiff University to investigate staff development with the Language Centre and assess the feasibility of the Advanced Diploma in Higher Education
  • Cardiff University to work collaboratively with the following departments to encourage that a holistic and pedagogically sound approach is taken to the delivery and content of academic study skills (the Language Centre, Library Services, The Office of the Dean of Students and the eLearning and Interactive Multimedia Unit)

Intended impact

An institutional approach to the delivery and content of Academic Study Skills with cross-departmental collaboration, using blended learning and interactive teaching methodologies to develop scholarship and knowledge application amongst UNAM students.

This will include collaborative educational development, curriculum development, staff development, the sharing and repurposing of resources and the use of technology enhanced learning and teaching.

Project contact

Ann McManus

Manager, Academic and Skills Development Centre

+44 (0)29 2087 4844