Cycling for all

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Cycling for all: Challenges in post-apartheid Namibia

A limited supply of affordable bicycles and spare parts led to the following objectives:

  • Cycling is promoted in Africa for sustainable mobility. The Global North’s “cycling for all” is challenged in Namibia, a country not yet free of racial inequalities, the legacy of South Africa’s apartheid regime.
  • NGOs aim to increase access to cycling by importing used bicycles, and through capacity building but this comes with challenges, particularly in the rural North. Research involves interviews and ethnographic methods to gauge the activities that NGOs use to develop cycling.
Lucy Baker talks sustainable cycling in Bunya
Lucy Baker talks sustainable cycling in Bunya


The following outputs have already been achieved:

  • By engaging with local issues which challenge cycling development in Namibia, research will enable positive learning outcomes for development organisations and encourage a more self-sustaining bicycle market with greater empowerment of those living in deprived conditions.
  • There will be a shared research and learning between myself, a Cardiff doctorate research student, and a UNAM postgraduate student. This is an opportunity for a Namibian student to develop their research methods and share local knowledge, enabling a collaborative and engaging approach to development research.

Intended impact

By mentoring a postgraduate student, a unique opportunity arises for knowledge sharing and cultural exchange, which will have future impact on our research practise and values.

The project will produce contemporary and critical knowledge of mobility development for empowerment in post-apartheid Africa. This knowledge will be shared amongst stakeholders and academics in Namibia and Europe.

Project contact

Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Research student

+44 (0)29 208 76015