African Languages Project

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Child smiling at Bunya Health Centre in Northern Namibia

Namibia has 13 local languages. If you only speak and understand a local language, then your health messages must come to your own language.

This part of The Phoenix Project, is being developed by members of the Language and Literature Studies Department (UNAM) and the School of Welsh (Cardiff University).

We aim to share good practice in language planning and policy and help the co-ordination of language planning activities.


Preliminary meetings between collaborators occurred when Dr Jonathan Morris (School of Welsh) visited UNAM in July 2015. During this visit, Jonathan met with the National Institute for Educational Development, the National Examination and Assessment Centre, and the Namibian College of Open Learning.

The project team is now developing a full project outline on the basis of this qualitative data. Our outcomes will include the production of resources on language planning and policy for application in Namibia.


The intended impact of this sharing is the promotion of local language development for Namibia: something that Wales has done very successfully with Welsh for Wales.

Project contact

Jonathan Morris

Dr Jonathan Morris


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