Collaborative Educational Development: learning together to enhance our students’ learning experiences.

25 November 2014

Building on our introductory email and Skype conversations, it was wonderful to meet UNAM’s Educational Development team (Dr Kavena Shalyefu and Prof Kasanda) face-to-face and to share stories, experiences and aspirations for the enhancement of the students’ learning experience at our respective Universities. Cardiff and UNAM both recognize the need and value of investing in
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Opportunities for Cardiff University Medical Students

17 November 2014

The Phoenix Project is a University to University collaboration between Cardiff University and University of Namibia (UNAM).  UNAM has a brand new Medical School with its first graduates in Spring 2016.  As a Cardiff University Medical Student you could: Become friends with a Namibian medical student:  work together, support each other, understand what Medicine is
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