UNAM students visit Django Conference at Cardiff University

3 August 2015

  Blog Post Author: Dr Vincent Knight (School of Mathematics) The DjangoCon 2015 organising committee were delighted to welcome Jessica and Michael, two students from the University of Namibia, to the conference in June. They had the opportunity to not only listen to world class presentations but also interact with professional software developers who were eager to
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Phoenix Teaching and Learning: together!

10 July 2015

We have had 2 weeks for intensive, high octane, fun, interactive teaching, training, learning and working together.   The team is exhausted, but feeling happy, satisfied. New projects developing, much to do going forward into the future. Some more marvellous photos from Paul Crompton, all with permission. Professor Judith Hall Phoenix Project Lead [image_grid images=”3346,3347,3348,3349,3350,3351,3352,3353,3354,3355,3356,3357″]
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Phoenix in Rundu and Windhoek achieving goals

9 July 2015

And so, after a lot of very hard work teaching, the team start returning to Windhoek. More meetings, more projects to start, all in line with poverty reduction and health promotion. Phoenix forward and making a difference. Our Memorandum of Understanding is renewed and so we steam ahead. Professor Judith Hall Project Lead Phoenix  
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Phoenix work continues: Community, town and city

8 July 2015

The work continues for Phoenix in Namibia.  We find a very very crowded hospital, very very busy, understaffed but immaculately clean (we could learn a lesson here in the UK to be honest). We listen to people to understand.  We gain increasing support from health leadership of Namibia. It is very rewarding.  All picture with permission and
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Phoenix Operational: Public Health and Anaesthesia

6 July 2015

Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project is on the ground delivering goods in Rundu, Northern Namibia working with our African partner University of Namibia.  We are together making an impact in many areas of Health and Medicine and our contribution has been noted at the highest level:  we have the complete support of new Minister of Health Bernard
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Namibian Mathematicians arrive at Cardiff University

30 April 2015

Mathematicians from University of Namibia (UNAM) have just completed a fact finding trip to Cardiff University as part of our Phoenix Project.  UNAM has vast numbers of students that need teaching basic maths, and only a tiny number of staff to teach.  There’s a high failure and drop-out rate. Martin Mugochi (Head of Department), Jean-Baptiste Gatsinzi and
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University project supports future scientists in Africa

24 April 2015

Experts from Cardiff University are supporting future scientists in Africa who are failing to graduate because of poor maths knowledge. Cardiff’s School of Mathematics is teaming up with counterparts in Nambia as part of The Phoenix Project, one of the University’s five flagship engagement projects. Nearly all science degree students at the University of Namibia (UNAM)
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