Dr Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw

Dr Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw

Lecturer in Greek Archaeology and History

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

+44 (0)29 2087 5090
Room 5.49a, John Percival Building, Rhodfa Colum, Caerdydd, CF10 3EU

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

I am trained in Greek (Prehistoric, Classical and Byzantine) Archaeology, Classics and Western History of Art. I specialise in the Aegean Bronze Age, particularly Minoan Crete. I have been practising archaeology for over twenty years and have diverse research interests. Apart from my Lectureship in Ancient Greek History and Archaeology at Cardiff University, I am also an Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology, University of Durham, UK. In addition, I lecture in History and Archaeology at the Department of Classics, University of Bristol, and at the Continuing Education Departments of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, among other institutions.

I obtained my BA in (Greek) Archaeology and (Western) History of Art at the Department of Archaeology, University of Crete, Greece. I subsequently obtained my MA in Mediterranean Archaeology and my PhD in Aegean Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol, UK. I am also multilingual (Modern Greek, English, German), and trained in Ancient Greek and Latin through my Classics education. I have extensive archaeological experience, spanning over two decades and involving a number of sites, museums and other institutions. This includes excavation and post-excavation processing (specialising in artefact studies), as well as relevant research in collections and archives.

Prior to joining Cardiff University, I worked at a number of FE and HE institutions, mainly lecturing in, supervising or externally examining archaeology, but also Modern Greek. I have engaged in teaching-related work at the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Reading, Kent, Nottingham, Durham, Oxford and Cambridge, UK, and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. In terms of research posts, I have held, among others, an International Baccalaureate Research Fellowship at the Department of Education, University of Bath, UK (in International Education) and a Margo Tytus Research Fellowship at the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati, USA (in Archaeology). Furthermore, I have just completed an International Research Fellowship in Archaeology at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, and am working on the co-edited and co-authored extensive publication of the associated project's research, exhibition and conference.

Sole teaching:

  • HS3423/HST024 Reading Greek I


  • HS2389 Art and Archaeology of Classical Greece
  • HS3103 Investigating the Ancient World: Skills and Evidence
  • HS4336 Pots, Poems and Pictures: Using Evidence for Ancient History

My research interests and outputs revolve around three broad themes:

A. Material culture studies: these include extensive fieldwork and museum work, often focusing on prehistoric ceramics, figurines, and cross-material themes, such as religion. They also include the construction and epistemology of artefact databases. 

B. Archaeologies of the Body: these include investigations into human-artefact networks, as well as constructs of the human body, e.g. through physical treatment, as well as artistic and other representation.

C. Reception of (Greek) Archaeology: this includes research into the multifaceted identities of ancient material culture in subsequent contexts (principally 19th-21st c. CE), with special focus on its role in education, nationalism and popular discourse.

A full list of my publications and conference presentations, grouped under these three themes, can be found in my personal webpage, as well as my Academia.edu page. I also have my own YouTube channel, which contains videos of my own research, as well as others relevant to my reasearch and teaching interests. Here is a selection of publications that have already appeared (several others are in press), per research theme:

The Human Body in Antiquity

  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2017, ‘Figurines’, in Tsipopoulou M. (ed.), Petras, Siteias I: Houses I.1 and I.2. INSTAP Academic Press: 163-173, bibliography 235-250. Download from my Academia website
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2017, ‘The ‘Petras Sphinx’: An Essay on Hybridity’, in Tsipopoulou M. (ed.) Petras, Siteia: The Pre- and Proto-palatial cemetery in context, Acts of a two-day conference held at the Danish Institute at Athens, 14-15 February 2015, Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens Volume 21, Danish Institute at Athens: 179-193. Download from my Academia website
  • Tsipopoulou M, Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2017, ‘Cycladic figurines and pottery from Petras, Siteia’, Stampolidis N.C, Sotirakopoulou P. (eds.), Cycladica In Crete: Cycladic And Cycladicizing Figurines Within Their Archaeological Context,
    Proceedings of the International Symposium, Μuseum of Cycladic Art, Αthens, 1-2 Οctober 2015, Athens: University of Crete, Museum of Cycladic Art: 353-378.
  • Stevens F., Simandiraki-Grimshaw A., 2016, ‘Composite, created, partial and floating bodies: A re-assessment of the Knossos Temple Repositories Assemblage’, in Mina M., Triantaphyllou S., Papadatos Y. (eds.), An Archaeology of Prehistoric Bodies and Embodied Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Oxbow Books, Oxford: 25-31.
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2015, ‘The Body Brand and Minoan Zonation’, in Cappel S., Günkel-Maschek U., Panagiotopoulos D. (eds.), Minoan Archaeology: Perspectives for the 21st Century, UCL Presses universitaires de Louvain: 267 – 282. Download from my Academia website
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A., 2013, ‘Anthropomorphic Vessels as Re-Imagined Corporealities in Bronze Age Crete’Creta Antica XIV: 17-68 [printed in 2015]. Download from my Academia website
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A., Stevens F. 2013, ‘Destroying the Snake Goddess: a re-examination of figurine fragmentation at the Temple Repositories of the Palace of Knossos’, in Driessen J. (ed.), Proceedings of Destruction. Archaeological, philological and historical perspectives, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 24-25-26 November 2011: 153-170.
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A., Stevens F. 2012, ‘Adorning the Body: Animals as Ornaments in Bronze Age Crete’Proceedings of The 13th International Aegean Conference, KOSMOS: Jewellery, Adornment and Textiles in the Aegean Bronze Age, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 19-23 April 2010.
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2011, Religious Exchanges between Minoan Crete and its Neighbours: Methodological Considerations’, in Duistermaat K., Regulski I. (eds.), Intercultural Contacts in the Ancient Mediterranean, Proceedings of the International Conference at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, 25th-29th October 2008, Leuven, Paris, Walpole: Uitgeverij Peeters En Departement Oosterse Studies: 79-87.
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2010, Minoan animal-human hybridity’, in Counts D.B. Arnold B. (eds.) 2010, The Master of Animals in Old World Iconography, Archaeolingua: 93-106. Download from my Academia website
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2010, The human body in Minoan religious iconography’, in Krzyszkowska O. H. (ed.), Cretan Offerings: Studies in Honour of Peter Warren, BSA Studies series 18: 321-9.
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2010, ‘Bodyscapes in Minoan Crete’, Mycenaean Seminar 2009-10, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies (BICS): 126-7. Download from Wiley online
  • Simandiraki A. 2008, ‘The Minoan body as a Feast’, in Hitchcock L., Laffineur R., Crowley J. (eds.) DAIS: the Aegean Feast, Proceedings of the 12th International Aegean Conference, University of Melbourne, Centre for Classics and Archaeology, Melbourne, Australia, 25-29 March 2008, Aegaeum 29, Annales d’archéologie égéenne de l’Université de Liège et UT-PASP: 29-37, pl.III.  

Material Culture Studies

  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2017, ‘Miniature Vessels’, in Tsipopoulou M. (ed.), Petras, Siteias I: Houses I.1 and I.2. INSTAP Academic Press: 129-136, bibliography 235-250. Download from my Academia website 
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2013, ‘Review of: McGowan (E.), Ambiguity and Minoan Neopalatial Seal Imagery (SIMA 176). Pp. xii + 96, figs. 47. Åströms, Uppsala 2011’American Journal of Archaeology (AJA) 117 (1). Download from the AJA website
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2013, ‘Review of: Marinatos (N.), Minoan Kingship and the Solar Goddess, A Near Eastern Koine. Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2010. Pp. 263 + illustrations’Journal of Hellenic Studies (JHS) 132: 233-4. Download from Cambridge Journals
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2012, ‘Miniature Vessels from Petras’, in Tsipopoulou M. (ed.), Petras, Siteia, 25 years of excavations and studies, Acts of a two-day conference held at the Danish Institute at Athens, Greece, 9-10 October 2010, Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens vol. 16: 255-264.
  • Simandiraki A. 2011, ‘Miniature vessels in Minoan Crete’Proceedings of the 10th International Cretological Congress, Chania, Crete, Greece, 1-8 October 2006: A3, 45-58. Download from my Academia website
  • Simandiraki A. 2006, ‘The Agrimi in the Minoan Ceramic Relief’Proceedings of the 9th International Cretological Congress, Elounda, Crete, Greece, 1-6 October 2001, Society of Cretan Historical Studies, Herakleion 2006: vol.A3, 95-108. Download from my Academia website

Archaeology and Identity, including Reception of Greek Archaeology

  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2017, ‘An Archaeology of/for the Disenfranchised in Greece’Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies 5 (3-4): 271-286. Download from Project Muse
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A., Stefanou E. 2012, ‘From Archaeology to Archaeologies: Themes, Challenges and Borders of the ‘Other’ Past’, in Simandiraki-Grimshaw A., Stefanou E. (eds.), From Archaeology to Archaeologies: the ‘Other’ Past, British Archaeological Reports International Series 2409: 9-13. Download from my Academia website
  • Simandiraki-Grimshaw A. 2012, ‘Dusk at the Palace: Exploring Minoan Spiritualities’, in Rountree K., Morris C., Peatfield A.  (eds.), Archaeology of Spiritualities, Springer, ‘One World Archaeology’ Series: 247-266.
  • Simandiraki A. 2011, ‘Minoan archaeology in modern Cretan administration’Proceedings of the 10th International Cretological Congress, Chania, Crete, Greece, 1-8 October 2006: C2, 277-290. Download from my Academia website
  • Σημανδηράκη Α. 2010, ‘Η ‘Μινωική’ εμπειρία των μαθητών στην Κρήτη’, in Χαμηλάκης Γ., Μομιλιάνο Ν. (επιμ.), Αρχαιολογία και ευρωπαϊκή νεωτερικότητα, Παράγοντας και καταναλώνοντας τους «Μινωίτες», [Greek edition of: ‘The ‘Minoan’ experience of schoolchildren in Crete’, in Hamilakis Y., Momigliano N. (eds.), Archaeology and European Modernity: producing and Consuming the Minoans], μετάφραση Νίκος Κούτρας, Εκδόσεις του Εικοστού Πρώτου.
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  • Simandiraki A. 2006, ‘International Education and Cultural Heritage: Alliance or Antagonism?’ Journal of Research in International Education (JRIE) 5(1): 35-56. Download from JRIE website
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  • Σημανδηράκη Α. 2006, Περί Κρεμμυδιών και Ερειπίων: Γνωρίζοντας Πολιτισμούς μέσω της Κληρονομιάς τουςΕλλωτία, Περιοδική Έκδοση του Δήμου Χανίων, Δημοτική Πολιτιστική Επιχείρηση Χανίων [Simandiraki A. 2006, ‘Of Onions and Ruins: Knowing Cultures through their Heritage’, Ellotia, Publication of the Municipality of Chania, Municipal Cultural Association of Chania], 11: 51-64.                                                                                                             
  • Simandiraki A. 2005, ‘Minoan archaeology in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games’European Journal of Archaeology (EJA), 8 (2): 157-81. Download from EJA website
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  • Simandiraki A. 2004, ‘Μινωπαιδιές: the Minoan Civilisation in Greek Primary Education’World Archaeology 36(2): 177-88. Download from WA website

International Education

  • Cambridge J.C., Simandiraki A. 2007, ‘Enquiry into learning from intergenerational practice: an invitation to school-based researchers’International Schools JournalXXVI (2): 42-47.
  • Cambridge J., Simandiraki A. 2006, ‘Interactive Intergenerational Learning in the context of CAS in the IB Diploma Programme: a UK case study’Journal of Research in International Education (JRIE) 5(3): 347-66. Download from JRIE website
  • Cambridge J., Simandiraki A. 2006, ‘A typology for the description and analysis of Interactive Intergenerational Learning’, In Hatton-Yeo A. (ed.), Intergenerational Practice Guide: Case Studies, Stafford: The Beth Johnson Foundation: 137-44.
  • Cambridge J., Simandiraki A. 2006, ‘Lernen von Generationspraxis: Eine Typologie für Beschreibung und Analyse’ [‘Learning from Intergenerational Practice: a typology for description and analysis’], Generationen Gerechtigkeit [Intergenerational Justice Review (IJR)] 6(2): 43-4.         
  • Simandiraki A. 2004, ‘Interactive Intergenerational Learning (IIL) Project’IB Research Notes 4(2), April 2004. Download from my Academia website 

HS0001 World Full of Gods

HS4334 Independent Study

HS4335 Researching the Ancient World: Final Year Dissertation