Dr Ian Rapley

Dr Ian Rapley

Lecturer in East Asian History

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

I am a historian of modern Japan with interests in the intersections between intellectual, culural, and social history.

Research interests

  • Twentieth century Japanese cultural and intellectual history 
  • Transnational movements, especially across Asia 
  • Local history 
  • Language and history

Grants and Awards

  • UK Arts and Humanities Research Council International Placement Scheme (ARHC IPS) fellow at the National Institute for the Humanities' International Japanese Studies Research Centre (日文研), Kyoto, Summer 2015
  • 4th conference on Inter-Asian Connections, Koc University, 2013, funded by the SSRC et al.
  • European Association for Japanese Studies Doctoral Workshop, Tallinn, 2011
  • 4th Workshop on the Encounters of Young Scholars on Asian Studies, Hong Kong & Guangzhou, funded by Hong Kong University
  • Full doctoral grant, UK Arts and Humanities Research Council 2009-2013.
  • Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Scholar, 1999-2001

Presentations and Engagement

  • Japan: A land of Beautiful objects, National Galleries Scotland, lecture in support of exhibition of sculpture by Karla Black and Kishio Suga, January 2017
  • Beyond the glimpse of the unfamiliar: travel and the history of the senses in 19th century Japan, Conference on Tourism and Japan, Kaunas, Lithuania, Winter 2016
  • Vasily Eroshenko and Sino-Japanese Connections’, Beyond the Sinosphere. Modalities of Interwar Globalisation: Internationalism and Indigenizationamong East Asian Marxists, Christians, and Buddhists, 1919-1945, Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany (Volkswagen Zeitung), July 2016.
  • The making of a transnational linguistic community, Language, Power and Identity in Asia: Creating and Crossing Language Boundaries, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, March 2016.
  • Reimagining Japan's Position on the World Stage, Japan Society, London, October 2015.
  • Panel coordinator and memeber, Language that Unites – Akita Ujaku and the Making of International Networks, Panel Title: 'Transnational Practice and Modern Japan', 15th EAJS International Conference, University of Ljubljana.
  • A Language for Asia: Transnational Esperanto Networks in pre-1945 Asia, Inter-Asian Connections IV, Social Science Research Council, Koc University, Istanbul, October 2013
  • Imperial Internationalism: Esperanto in 1930s Japan, British Joint East Asian Studies Conference, Nottingham University, September 2013
  • Tohoku Modern: Esperanto in a Rural Setting, Oxford Japan History Workshop, November 2011
  • An Overview of Esperanto in Early Twentieth Century Japan, British Association for Japanese Studies, Oxford, September 2011
  • Conceptualizing Esperanto in Prewar Japan, European Association for Japanese Studies Doctoral Workshop, Tallinn, Estonia, August 2011
  • Esperanto in 1920s Japan, 4th Workshop on the Encounters of Young Scholars on Asian Studies, Hong Kong/ Guangzhou, January 2011

You can also find me on academia.edu (http://cardiff.academia.edu/IanRapley) or on Twitter (http://twitter.com/I_Rapley with the usual disclaimers about tweeting in a personal capacity, RTs not being endorsements, etc etc)

Education and qualifications

  • 1999, MMath, Mathematics, University of Oxford 
  • 2009, MPhil, Modern Japanese Studies, University of Oxford 
  • 2013, DPhil, Japanese Studies, University of Oxford, (Green Star Japan: Internationalism and Language in the Japanese Esperanto Movement, 1906-1944), AHRC funded 

Academic Positions

  • 2013-2014, Post-doctoral Teaching Fellow, Nissan Institute for Japanese Studies, St Antony's College, University of Oxford
  • 2014-now, Lecturer in East Asian History, History Department, Cardiff University.

Professional memberships

  • Association of Asian Studies
  • European Association of Japanese Studies
  • British Association of Asian Studies
  • American Historical Association

Production Editor, Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies

I currently teach the following two year long stand-alone modules:

I also teach on and convene the undergraduate year one Asian history module:

  • Making Global Histories: Asia and the West (HS1108)

In prior years I have also lectured and taught seminars (and may do again!) on the following undergraduate modules:

  • Making of the Modern World (HS1105)
  • History in Practice (HS1107)
  • Approaches to History

My doctoral project was a history of Esperanto in Japan up to 1945. It argues firstly that a desire to make contact with the world beyond Japan's borders was felt widely across Japan, such that a socially, geographically, and politically diverse range of people engaged in transnational activities throughout Japan's modern history, and secondly that language was an ever-present issue in these encounters, as often a barrier to communication as a transparent medium of exchange.

In the summer of 2015, I received a UK AHRC International Placement Scheme fellowship to Nichibunken in Kyoto, which I used to further process of converting my doctorate into a manuscript for publication. I also have articles in preparation and research in progress on topics including Deguchi Onisaburo's mission to Mongolia in the early 1920s, and post-war Esperanto in politics and society.

My broader research interests are focused on the early twentieth century, but reaching back to the nineteenth and forward to the post-1945 era, and are broadly an intersection of cultural, intellectual, and social history. I have particular interests in histories beyond the national centre, be they local histories or transnational ones, or even both at once. I am interested in exploring ideas of intellectual transnational activity across Asia, and have an emerging research interest in the experiences of travellers to Japan.