Ysgol Meddygaeth

Curbing patients’ risky behaviour

16 Ebrill 2013

Counselling intervention increases patients’ intentions to change risky health behaviours.

'Doc' Roberts

15 Ebrill 2013

Wales and British & Irish Lions Centre adds medical degree to sporting honours.

Tumour-shrinking drug trialled for treatment of tuberous sclerosis

9 Ebrill 2013

Drug could also have wider benefits in treating disorders such as autism.

Vaccine in sight for biggest hidden virus

15 Mawrth 2013

Scientists make headway in developing a vaccine for the leading infectious cause of congenital birth.

China link-up to ‘create better cancer treatments’

28 Chwefror 2013

Some of China’s leading cancer experts will work alongside Welsh scientists in a bid to create new cancer treatments.

Triple Crown

26 Chwefror 2013

Cardiff student helps Ireland women secure rugby title.

Treating asthma

19 Chwefror 2013

Fungi offer new clues in developing treatments.

Health of premature babies

18 Chwefror 2013

Cardiff scientists recruit Welsh parents to improve health.

Tackling Type 1 diabetes

6 Chwefror 2013

University experts lead new vaccine trials.

Insulin health risks

4 Chwefror 2013

Study finds taking insulin to control type 2 diabetes could expose patients to ‘greater risk of health complications’.

Atlas of the human brain

22 Hydref 2012

Understanding our most complex organ.

Improving violence victims’ mental health

11 Gorffennaf 2012

Cardiff experts develop new guidance to help victims.

Mynnwch y ffeithiau ar anhwylder deubegynol

26 Mehefin 2012

Taflen newydd i helpu cleifion a gofalwyr.

Innovation and Impact

26 Mehefin 2012

Awards celebrate Cardiff’s outstanding research.

Improving patient safety

25 Mehefin 2012

Novel shape-coded system provides innovative solution to potentially fatal problem.

Science in Health Live

19 Mawrth 2012

Demonstrating the science behind medicine.

Stem cell awareness

27 Ionawr 2012

Event showcases University’s leading stem cell research.

Presgripsiwn newydd ar gyfer meddygaeth

19 Ionawr 2012

Mae myfyrwyr meddygaeth Caerdydd ar fin gweithio’n agosach â myfyrwyr gofal iechyd eraill fel rhan o dîm amlbroffesiynol modern fel bod cleifion yn gallu cael y gofal mwyaf diogel posibl, yn ôl Uwch Ddarlithydd newydd y Brifysgol mewn Addysg Feddygol Ryngbroffesiynol.