University accommodation

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Find out what's provided, when you can move in and if you need insurance for your possessions.

What's included in our accommodation

Cegin yn Neuadd Llys Senghennydd

Please see our list of what items are in your room and what you will need to buy yourself. We recommend you buy items here in Cardiff rather than take up space in your luggage.

All rooms in University residences also have both Wi-Fi and connection points for access to the University network and high speed internet.

When you can move in

If you have booked University residences, please see our guidance on how and when to arrive. If you're starting your course in September and are participating on our September induction programme, we recommend that you arrive on the first day of your residence period.

Getting insurance

We strongly encourage you to insure your personal possessions against damage, loss or theft. As a student living in Cardiff University residences, you are automatically given £5,000 worth of personal possessions insurance cover from Endsleigh insurance.