What we offer

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We provide a number of opportunities to help you develop your career and improve your employability.

Careers in Music

Our Careers in Music talks provide opportunities to meet professionals active in fields such as performance, music education (including special needs), arts and artist management, production and licensing, and composing for media.

The Business of Music

These second-year undergraduate modules are designed to give you a better understanding of the music profession and embed a work placement into the curriculum. These modules offer you the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and experience of a professional area of your choice and enhance your employability in the process.

Music Leadership and Public Engagement

This module on our Master’s programme aims to enable performers and composers to develop and deliver effective and imaginative oral presentations of musical ideas. You will have the opportunity to develop your professional skills along with awareness of the music industry.

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

We offer an optional formal Personal Development Planning (PDP) programme. This scheme enables you to identify your personal, academic and professional goals, monitor your development towards them, and evaluate your profess and achievements.

Employers may not always immediately understand the level of work involved in a music degree, so it is up to you to recognise your own skills and articular them clearly. The PDP programme will aid you in doing this and evaluating the commitment, dedication and responsibility you have demonstrated throughout your degree.


The UK

As well as placements offered by the Business of Music modules, Cardiff University Research Opportunities Programme (CUROP), one of the UK’s largest undergraduate research schemes, provides summer placements for undergraduates in the University research environment. Bursaries are offered to support students on a placement of up to eight weeks duration, working under supervision on staff-defined research projects.


Our students have the opportunity to work or volunteer abroad through the University’s Global Opportunity Centre.

Student/staff panel

Our student/staff panel has student representatives from each of our undergraduate and postgraduate schemes. As well as acting as a bridge between students and staff at Panel meetings, these elected representatives are also asked to serve on a range of School committees.

Membership of the panel allows you to experience committee servicing, decision-making processes, and administrative procedures.