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Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Malcolm Anderson’s untimely death has touched the lives of so many people.

The many tributes that have been received from past and present students are testimony to how highly he was regarded not just as an outstanding teacher and researcher but also as someone who was caring and unstinting in the time he would give to all.

The sense of loss his University colleagues feel at his passing cannot be measured but is insignificant next that felt by his family and close friends. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies remain with them.

As a University we take the wellbeing of all our staff extremely seriously. All staff can access support, information, advice and specialist counselling through our employee assistance programme, which is a free and confidential service available 24/7 365 days a year.

We urge anyone who has any concerns regarding workload to raise them with their line manager, in the first instance, so all available advice and support can be offered.

We will also consider what further action is appropriate in light of this tragic case in order to ensure the future wellbeing of our staff and students.

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “It is not a requirement to interview all applicants as part of the recruitment process.

“Applicants submit extensive written information including a proposal, cv, two references, certificates, covering letter/personal statement, and a nomination form including ‘fit’ with the research environment. The extent to which interviews are used beyond these written elements is up to the individual institution.

“Following industrial action, we took the decision not to interview candidates as we were not confident that it would be possible to interview all applicants. We did not want this to be a source of inequity amongst applicants.

“In doing so we followed the practice at a number of other DTPs such that the final selection across those nominated would rely solely on the extensive written elements of the application.  We have a fair, open and transparent recruitment process and we are confident in its robustness.”

Cardiff University Head of Sport Stuart Vanstone said: “We wish both Pembroke and Porthcawl good luck for the WRU National Bowl Final on Sunday. However we remain extremely disappointed not to be playing in the final after the WRU appeal panel ruled that we, along with all universities in Wales, were ineligible for the competition, despite Cardiff University taking part for 46 years. The panel also decided we had fielded ineligible players, even though we had successfully evidenced to the WRU competitions management committee that dispensation had been provided to enable our students to compete in WRU competitions.

“We have sought legal advice and we have been told that we would be successful in seeking an injunction to prevent the final taking place on Sunday to enable further dialogue. However, we have taken the view that we do not wish to be drawn into a long-standing dispute with the WRU and this course of action would not be in anyone’s best interests.

“In addition, we welcome an invitation to meet with WRU Group CEO Martyn Phillips, WRU Head of Rugby Operations Julie Paterson and Head of Rugby Participation Ryan Jones to discuss the failings in WRU competition management that has led to this situation. We wish to ensure that it does not happen again in the future to us or any other member club.”

Cardiff University Rugby Club was extremely disappointed to receive a letter advising that the club is not able to feature in the WRU National Bowl final at the Principality Stadium on Sunday 29 April 2018. We dispute the decision and the reasons given. The University has written to the WRU seeking a response.

The University rugby club was invited by the WRU to compete in the competition again this year. Only upon reaching the final have we been informed that we, along with all other universities who competed, were ineligible to do so. The University rugby club has competed for over 46 years in WRU cup competitions and has always upheld the integrity of those competitions.

In addition, the club has evidenced in a meeting with the competition management committee that dispensation had been provided on a number of occasions to enable students studying at the University to compete in WRU competitions. We were subsequently written to and advised by the committee that we could continue in the competition and so were surprised and disappointed to receive the letter from the WRU.

We believe we should be able to take our place in the final of the competition and are seeking immediate clarification.

Allegations relating to research misconduct - 19/04/2018

Statement on allegations relating to research misconduct

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Strike action ends - 13/4/18

UCU members have voted in favour of accepting an ACAS proposal for a Joint Expert Panel in relation to the USS pension scheme. Read more here.

Preparing for your exams – 11/4/18

Professor Amanda Coffey, Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Experience and Academic Standards updates students on how the University is continuing to support your learning and revision as you return to your studies following the Easter break. Read Professor Coffey’s letter here.

Vice-Chancellor’s monthly email – 27/3/18

In his monthly email to staff, Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan reflects on the USS dispute and the latest proposal from UUK. Read his email in full here.

Acas proposal for a Joint Expert Panel - 23/3/18

An Acas proposal for a Joint Expert Panel has been proposed. Should the process set out in the new offer prove acceptable to all parties this could provide the basis for the UCU to consult its branches and members on ending the industrial action currently underway within the sector. Read more here.

Supporting your learning and assessment – 23/3/18

Professor Amanda Coffey, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience and Academic Standards provides an update for students on plans to continue to support your learning and assessment, and to mitigate the disruption caused as a result of the recent strike action. Read Professor Coffey’s latest email here.

Communication from Schools: 21/3/18

Professor Amanda Coffey, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience and Academic Standards, has asked all Schools to provide students with information before the Easter recess (23rd March 2018) on how we will support you to achieve the learning outcomes for your programme of study. If you missed it in Student News, you can read Professor Coffey’s letter to students here.

Cardiff University has announced it is to stop investing in fossil fuels by 2021.

The decision comes following a meeting of Cardiff University’s Council today [Tuesday 20th March, 2018] in which the University’s draft ethical investment policy was discussed.

Chair of Council, Professor Stuart Palmer, said: “Council members have listened to the concerns of staff and students and considered a range of views.

“Council has asked the Investment and Banking sub-committee to consider its wider ethical investment code as well as the issue of fossil fuel divestment.

“The move to full divestment aligns the University’s investment decisions with our values and aims, and reaffirms our commitment to environmental sustainability, responsible investment and social responsibility.

“We will act quickly to start the process and anticipate being free of investment in fossil fuel companies by 2021.”

Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, said, “Environmental sustainability is a core value of our strategy The Way Forward 2018-23 and the decision to divest from fossil fuels is the latest milestone in our journey.

“Along with our pledge to phase out the use of single-use plastic by 2023 – as outlined in our strategy – the move to divestment sends a clear and positive message that we are committed to environmental sustainability and tackling climate change.

“I would like to thank all who have shared their views on this issue.”

Statement from Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan

"We understand that colleagues who are participating in industrial action care passionately about their students, and regret what they sincerely see as a necessity for continued action.On that basis, and within the constraints of action short of a strike, we take it that colleagues  will do everything they can to minimise the impact on students, and to ensure that students are well prepared for examinations.  We understand that those efforts may take many forms, and that it may be neither practicable nor pedagogically desirable to attempt to reschedule classes. We therefore do not envisage circumstances where colleagues will have pay withheld for action short of a strike.

"In the interest of maintaining effective employee relations the University will phase pay deductions for those participating in strike action over a three -month pay period effective from April 2018.  The University also reaffirms its commitment that pay withheld for strike action will stay with academic Schools in order to support student education. The University wishes to continue constructive discussions with UCU, and we are doing all that we can to influence talks at national level in order to secure a sustainable settlement on pensions."

A joint statement from Cardiff University and Cardiff UCU (7 March 2018)

A joint statement from Cardiff University and Cardiff UCU

Partial Fossil Fuel Divestment

Our statement on Partial Fossil Fuel Divestment

Vice-Chancellor’s response to student petition

Vice-Chancellor’s response to student petition 06/03/2018

Statement by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan - 05/03/2018

I would like to thank UCU for organising such a constructive meeting today to discuss the pensions issue. I welcome the opportunity to listen to the concerns of staff.

Aberconway Building and Library - updated 23/2/2018

Following an incident on 19/02/18 at Aberconway Building the University has issued a statement.

Industrial action - Vice-Chancellor's open letter to students

19 February 2018 - Professor Colin Riordan’s open letter to students ahead of strike action

Ymchwiliad dan adran 17 Deddf yr Iaith Gymraeg 1993 – 9 Mai 2017

Datganiad ynghylch adroddiad Comisiynydd y Gymraeg

Cardiff University’s Main Building - Update

From tomorrow, 3 May, Main Building, including the Science Library, will be open as usual except for the Chemistry laboratories in rooms 1.85 to 1.89 on the first floor. The refectory (Main Building restaurant) will be closed until further notice.

Cardiff University’s Main Building

All staff and students have been evacuated safely and we are in contact with relevant emergency services and University security.

Farsiti Cymru 2017

Mae Prifysgol Caerdydd yn ystyried ei chyfrifoldebau at y ddinas a'r gymuned leol yn bwysig dros ben.

Adolygiad Annibynnol o Faterion Cydraddoldeb Hiliol yn Ysgol Meddygaeth Prifysgol Caerdydd - 25 Ionawr 2017

Mae adroddiad yr Athro Dinesh Bhugra sy'n edrych ar faterion cydraddoldeb hiliol yn Ysgol Meddygaeth Prifysgol Caerdydd yn cael ei gyhoeddi heddiw

Gohirio’r penderfyniad cynllunio - 23 Tachwedd 2016

Mae Cyngor Dinas Caerdydd heddiw wedi gohirio’r penderfyniad cynllunio i gais Brifysgol Caerdydd i ddechrau codi adeilad nodedig yng nghanol Campws Cathays

Diwygiedig: Adolygiad Annibynnol i ymchwilio i Faterion Cydraddoldeb Hiliol – 28 Medi 2016

Mae Prifysgol Caerdydd wedi penodi Panel i gynnal adolygiad annibynnol er mwyn ymchwilio i faterion cydraddoldeb hiliol

Adolygiad Annibynnol: Cadeirydd y Panel ac Aelodau - 8 Awst 2016

Mae Prifysgol Caerdydd wedi penodi Panel i gynnal adolygiad annibynnol i ymchwilio i faterion cydraddoldeb hiliol.

EU referendum result - 24 June 2016

Message from the Vice-Chancellor regarding the result of the EU referendum.

Adolygiad Annibynnol – 08.06.2016

Datganiad am Adolygiad Annibynnol

Streic 25/05/2016

Datganiad streic 25 a 26 Mai 2016

Myfyrwyr meddygaeth Prifysgol Caerdydd

Datganiad ynghylch myfyrwyr meddygaeth Prifysgol Caerdydd.

Ymosodiadau yn Jakarta

Datganiad am fyfyrwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd yn Jakarta