Cymrodyr gwadd

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We attract overseas scholars who wish to be based with us for short periods of study.

Current and recent fellows

Lu Pengcheng is an associate professor of School of Communication at East China Normal University. His research focuses on the history of journalism in modern China. As a visiting fellow, he is now working on a research project 'The cooperation and competition between foreign Chinese reporters and Chinese reporters', supervised by Professor Stuart Allan.

Gulden Gursoy Ataman is a visiting PhD candidate and research assistant from the Journalism Department of Ankara University in Turkey. Her ongoing PhD work focuses on journalism and the production of human rights news in Turkey in the 1990s. She will be under Stuart Allan's supervision for six months. Her research visit is partially funded by the short-term research grant from the Raoul Wallenberg of Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Sweden. Her previous publications are on human rights, women's human rights and transitional justice.

Professor Yun Long, is a visiting academic at JOMEC. Her paper (co-authorship) entitledJournalism and Education in China: The Reality and Challenges in Digital Era(Coauthored) should be published by the special issue of the Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies (AJMS) in March 2016.

Dr Joan Haran, took up her Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship at the Centre for the Study of Women in Society (CSWS) at the University of Oregon, where she will spend the next two years, before returning for a third year of the fellowship at the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) at Cardiff University.

Associate Professor Jake Lynch, is the Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, an Executive Member of the Sydney Peace Foundation and a Senior Research Fellow of the School of Communication at the University of Johannesburg. Jake is working on an analysis of the BBC coverage of the recent Paris attacks.

Niko Hatakka, is a visiting PhD candidate from the Centre for Parliamentary Studies at the University of Turku, Finland. Niko is working on two journal articles on the interactions of far-right online activism, populist party-communication and political journalism.

Dr Shahzad Ali, is associated to Cardiff school of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies for the period of one year with regard to his Postdoctoral fellowship offered and funded by Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan under the supervision of Professor Stuart Allan.

Dr Victoria Anderson, is currently working on a project exploring folkloric imprints on contemporary life, as well as the ways that technologies themselves impact on culture, mobilising what may be read as a contemporary folklore.

Dr Juliane Lischka, is visiting us from the University of Zurich in Switzerland and supports research within the news media theme of the ESRC funded project 'Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society'.

Professor Jesús Arroyave, is a visiting scholar (funded by the University’s Incoming Visiting Fellowship Scheme). Jesús, is an Associate Professor and Director, at the School of Communication, Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Professor Arroyave pioneered and directs the first doctoral program in communication in Colombia, with specialisms in journalism and health that focus on national and continental research and policy priorities.

Maria Konow-Lund, visiting us from Oslo, where she is a member of staff at Hoegskolen i Oslo og Aakershus. She is a former investigative journalist, and is here as an Erasmus visiting scholar, working on developing a grant proposal looking at collaborative, cross-border investigative journalism.

Ariadna Fernandez-Planells, a visiting research fellow and PhD student from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Prior to that, she worked as a journalist in the Spanish Public Television. She will be at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies under Arne Hintz supervision' for a total of three months.

Dr Katrina Clifford, a lecturer and coordinator of industry placements and internships in the Journalism, Media and Communications program at the University of Tasmania, Australia.

Dr Guillermina Franco Álvarez, from Universidad Carlos III. She is researching about visual languages in Journalism and Infographics in British newspapers

Dr David Garcia Martul, from Universidad Carlos III. He is researching about crisis of local newspapers with a comparative study between Galicia and Wales.

Helga Ólafs, a visiting PhD Student from the The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at University of Iceland. January - June 2014.

Past visiting fellows

Robert Szwed Clublin from the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland;.

Laura Juntunen, Department of Communication, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Ping Wei; Iara Biderman; Dr Dorothee Arlt, University of Bern, Institute of Communication and Media Studies, Germany.

Emma Gómez Nicolau, a visiting doctoral student from the Sociology and Social Anthropology Department of the University of Valencia. Spring 2013. Researching news coverage of violence against women on Spanish television.

Anca Anton, from the University of Bucharest, Romania. March - September 2011. Researching Romanian popular culture, its products, traits, trends and how they can be studied.

Dr Pablo López-Rabadán, from Communication Sciences Department of Universitat Jaume I, Spain. May - July 2011. Researching the crisis and the professional redefinition of journalism and the analysis of political coverage in the press.

Dr Martina Leonarz, from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. March - April 2011. Writing and researching “Another standpoint – gender and media” focusing on the depiction of the gender discourse in Swiss news media since 1968.

Maria José Brites, from the New University of Lisbon. November - December 2010. Writing and researching on youth, news and participation.

Associate Professor Margie Comrie, from Massey University, New Zealand, October 2010. Writing up research on the television coverage of New Zealand’s last general election.

Dr John Cokley, from the University of Queensland, Australia, October 2010. Researching and developing new business models and new products for journalism, especially in the area of team work and retail sales.

Dr Carles Pont Sorribes, from Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona. July 2010. Researching crisis and risk situations, especially the relationship between journalists and politicians, and how tragedy information is affected by new technology.

Atul Sethi, Summer 2010 Charles Wallace Fellowship, Researching cultural heritage in the UK and the reporting of heritage issues in the media.

Abhinav Garg, Summer 2009 Charles Wallace Fellowship, Researching the effects of the Freedom of Information Act, since its inception in the United Kingdom.

Paromita Pain, Summer 2008 Charles Wallace Fellowship, Researching ways in which the British media works to hold the attention of its young people.

Dr David Nolan (University of Melbourne), second half of 2007, writing his book and researching (with Prof. Simon Cottle) humanitarian aid and the news media.

Dr Cristina Ponte, from the New University of Lisbon (child and young people and the media: production, contents and reception)

Kavita Chowdhury, a senior journalist from Delhi who holds a Charles Wallace Fellowship (UK Press reporting of child protection)

Nigel Starck from the University of Queensland, Australia (the renaissance of obituary writing in the UK broadsheet Press)

Dr Mervi Pantii from the University of Amsterdam School of Research (UK and Finnish national newspaper coverage of tragedies 1920 - 2000)

Loveena Tandon, Associate Senior Producer of Aaj Tak, India (health reporting on UK TV)

Namrata Joshi, voted India's Best Film Critic at the national awards in 2005.