Cardiff Archaeological Society Lectures

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Visitors are welcome to attend our lectures; staff and students of Cardiff University are particularly welcome.

Lectures are held in the Small Chemistry lecture Theatre (Room 1.122), Main Building, Cardiff University, Cathays Park, starting at 19:15, Thursdays on the dates shown below.

06/10/2016Stephen Dean
Staffordshire County Council Principal Archaeologist
Trusting the ground with the Treasure of Warriors – The Staffordshire Hoard
20/10/2016Stuart Wilson
Director of Excavations
Ongoing Excavations at the Lost City of Trellech
03/11/2016Andrew Marvell
Chief Executive Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust
‘Telling The Tale’  The Trust’s 40 Years of Public Education
17/11/2016Professor Martin Bell
University of Reading
Recent research on the prehistory of the Severn Estuary
01/12/2016Dr Oliver Davis
Lecturer in Archaeology, Co-director CAER Heritage Project
From the Neolithic to the Normans: Recent work at Caerau Hillfort
12/01/2017Professor Miranda Aldhouse-Green
SHARE, Cardiff University
Bog Bodies Uncovered
26/01/2017Dr Mark Redknap
Head of collections and research National Museum Wales
Dr Richard Madgwick
Lecturer in Bioarchaeology
Brian Davies
Cardiff Archaeological Society
Illuminating Lesser Garth Cave
09/02/2017Dr Rhianydd Biebrach
Project Officer for ‘Saving Treasures Telling Stories’, National Museum Wales
Monuments and Communication in the Diocese of Llandaf 1200/1540
23/02/2017Professor Paul Nicholson
Professor in Archaeology, SHARE, Cardiff University
On the Trail of Chapman Andrews: An Archaeological tour of Mongolia
09/03/2017 Annual General Meeting