Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The Internships listed on this site fall under the following categories:

 Internal Global Internship programmes : 

- GOC Hong Kong Internship programm

- GOC Internships via Cardiff University Offices in India and China

- GOC International Alumni Work Experience Scheme

- Internships via the British Council which are funded opportunties that cardiff University provides the shortlist for and provides application advice.

- The Huawei Work Experience Scheme which Cardiff University shortlists for and provides application and interview preparation advice.

- Internships with Global Companies: you apply for directly and can benefit from our support with your application and interview preparation whilst having access to the GOC Internship bursary scheme.

All undergraduate students carrying out summer internships abroad are eligible to apply for a GOC Internship Bursary 

Tips: Consider what you want to get out of your internship abroad and how it could benefit your future career aspirations.You may want to gain work experience in an area directly relating to your degree programme or you may want to think more broadly about gaining work experience in an area that will support your degree specialism whilst enhancing your employability.

 For example, you may be a finance and accounting student who wants to do a finance internship,however you could be a Maths or Physics student. You may be an English Literature or Music student who wants to do a marketing internship or a teaching placement. You could be a Law student and do a legal internship or alternatively you may opt to do a business management internship.