Lleoliadau haf

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Types of Intern Opportunities

● Internships with Global companies &  Global Work experience schemes

● Internship providers such as the British Council,CRCC Asia and Work the World

● International Internships with Cardiff University Alumni

● Self placing- finding your own Internship

Undergraduate opportunities that are shortlisted by the International Internship manager and internships that you apply for directly or have organised yourself are eligable to apply for the Global Opportunity Centre (GOC) internship bursary scheme.

If you are not already in touch with the International Internship manager regarding these opportunities please do so in order for us to offer you full support with these opportunties and access to bursaries that you may be entitled to.

 Internship Opportunties 2014/15

Internship Details
Relevant Degree
How to Apply
CRCC Asia: Internships tailored to match your degree specialism and career aspirations in China http://www.crccasia.com/internships
Full Programme funded with GOC bursary
All Apply via GOC
British Council:Teach English in Thailand
Goverment funded & GOC bursary
All Apply via GOC
Generation UK-India teaching internships India: teaching your degree subject in English speaking schools: Details for 2015 coming soon
Goverment funded & GOC bursary
All Apply via GOC
Generation UK-India work placements in the creative industries & I.T: details for 2015 coming soon
Goverment funded & GOC bursary
Arts subjects & IT /finance Apply via GOC
Huawei work experience scheme:2015 details coming soon
STEM, business, Law, Politics Apply via GOC
Bunac USA summer camp instructor work experience
Paid & GOC bursary
All Apply directly
IAESTE work placements
Piad & GOC bursary
Apply directly
Societie Generale banking and finance summer internships in New York & Hong Kong https://careers.societegenerale.com/business-units/activity/corporate-and-investment-banking/sgcib-students-and-graduates-offer/summer-internships Business management, finance,accounting, Maths, Engineering Apply directly
Ernst & Young Student Global experience:Details for 2015 coming soon http://www.ey.com/interviewinsider/swf/fp_gse.swf Business management, finance & accounting Apply directly
Alumni Law Internships in India : specifically for students with an interest in intellectual Property Law Law Apply via GOC
Work the world internships http://www.worktheworld.co.uk Healthcare: nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, radiography Apply directly
Organise your own internship
GOC bursary
All Support via GOC