Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The Global Opportunity Centre aims to develop volunteering projects that will have a sustainable, positive impact for host communities and volunteers alike.

APPLICATIONS FOR VOLUNTEERING PROJECTS ARE NOW OPEN. Download the application form and guidance notes to apply. The DEADLINE for applications is the 1st of December. However, please be aware that should a sufficient number of high-quality applications be received we may choose to close the application process early.

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Current GOC Volunteering Projects

The Fijian Islands

The objective of this project is to work towards the development of grass-roots sport within Fiji, and to assist and lead teaching within local schools to advance the learning of secondary and primary students. Volunteers would spend four weeks on the project in Fiji, with the first 2 days settling in at an island resort, where volunteers will be fully briefed on the project by the Fijian Ministry of Health. The next 3½ weeks are to be spent on the project, working in the schools during the day, and then running after-school sports programmes, in preparation for an inter-schools sports competition. Volunteers would be working alongside established Project leaders, that are employed by Think Pacific. Volunteers will be housed with Fijian families within the same traditional village or in some locations with teachers from the local schools. After the project, volunteers will have a 2 day resort break where they will be debriefed and have the chance to reflect on the project. Find out more about the project here.

The specific aims of the university project are:

  • To provide tailored educational support to primary and secondary students. Our volunteers act as classroom assistants, teach their own small group lessons and act as personal tutors to devise specific one-to-one English lessons for students.
  • To engage students in extra-curricular activities for the first time, with a specific focus upon introducing art, crafts, drama, dance and music workshops.
  • To develop grass roots sports within rural schools, delivering PE Lessons, introducing after- school sports and activity clubs and developing structured youth teams and leagues in Fiji.
  • To increase the confidence, self esteem and empowerment of students by enabling them to develop their skills through interactive youth workshops and participation in inter-house/ inter-school competitions, which will be organised by our volunteers.

Czech Republic

  • Partner Organisation: UNA Exchange
  • Local Organisation: Eco Centre and the Region of Living Waters, Czech Republic
  • Dates: 13/07/2015 – 16/08/2015
  • This project is for 5 volunteers and will cost £559 + flights
  • GOC Bursary Available: £500

Volunteers will get the chance to take part in two projects in Czech Republic over four weeks.

Both projects are environmental/renovation projects and work consists of garden, heritage and protection work.

The first project will take place in Horni Marsov in the Krkonose and the second will take place in the Carlsbad region, Western Bohemia. Horni Marsov has about 1000 inhabitants in the Krkonose Mountains, Eastern Bohemia. It is a mountainous area with a cold climate and beautiful nature. Western Bohemia is home to lots of beautiful cultural and natural sights and is world famous for its spas and hot springs. In between the two projects there will be a few days for sightseeing/tourist activities. In addition to the natural beauty of the area, another attractive point about this project is its close proximity to the UK. This means that travel costs will be reasonable.