Universität Basel

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Basel, Switzerland

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Fast facts

Language of studyGerman
Students enrolled9,000
Academic yearAugust-July
Semester 1September-December
Semester 2February-May

About the city

Basel is Switzerland's third most populous city, behind Zurich and Geneva. Located where the Swiss, French, and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs in France and Germany.

Basel is among the most important cultural centres of Switzerland. This city comprises a large number of theatres and many museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the world's oldest art collection accessible to the public. In addition the Theatre Basel was chosen in 1999 as the best stage for German-language performances.

Basel has often been the site of peace negotiations and other international meetings. It is host to an array of buildings by internationally renowned architects.

Basel also features a great number of heritage sites of national significance which include the Old Town of Basel and other churches, monasteries, archaeological sites, museums, and secular buildings.

Academic Schools

Students from the Schools of English, Communication and Philosophy and History, Archaeology and Religion are eligible to apply.

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