Cyn i chi fynd

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Research your travel destination

Visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website in the first instance. The FCO provides travel advice by country and is a good source of up to date and relevant information about your travel destination, including whether there are any restrictions to travel.

Subscribe to email or social media updates from the FCO by visiting their website and selecting the country you are travelling to. Travel advice updates will also be issued via the FCO Twitter account @fcotravel and Facebook page:

We also recommend that you use the Red24 service, supported by the University Insurance Provider, to research your travel destination.  Red24 provides a comprehensive range of travel and security advice (by country and by city) and is a particularly useful resource for researching your travel destination. The service may be accessed here: Red24

You will need to enter code 8888 to access the relevant 'Travel Security' section of the website.

Complete the Risk Awareness Profile

We strongly recommend that you complete the Risk Awareness Profile

In completing the form you will consider any issues you may face whilst abroad, including a wide range of practical aspects of your trip - ranging from how to get to your accommodation when you first arrive in country as well taking responsibility for your own personal safety. 

Once completed and signed the Risk Awareness Profile should be sent to the Global Opportunity Centre.  If you have any concerns please raise these with us and we will discuss these with an appropriate University Department as necessary.