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Human Behaviour and Mobile Computing: What your smartphone usage says about you

Dydd Iau, 19 Ebrill 2018

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Row of people using smartphones

With the emergence of the smartphone as our ever-present companion, the link between human behaviour and computing has never been greater. Wherever we are, our smartphones can inform and entertain us, mediate our social relationships, and record the passage of our everyday lives. Such ubiquitous access to computation and data allows us new insights into our behaviour, opportunities for human computation, and 'in-the-wild' research.

This talk will discuss the various aspects of this, examining how we respond to mobile notifications, how our interactions with Twitter can be used to identify interesting content, and what our smartphone usage can reveal about the places we visit.

Please note the lecture will take place from 6-7pm, however please join us for refreshments from 5pm in the VJ Gallery (Main Building) and again after the lecture.