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I would strongly encourage all young investigators to apply for CITER funding. As an early career researcher, it is incredibly encouraging and motivating to receive such a prestigious award. I have no doubt that the impact of this award on my professional maturity and independence as a researcher will be long-term and internationally recognised.

Elena Koudouna, Young Investigator Award 2018

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CITER Undergraduate Summer Student Bursaries 2018

11 Hydref 2018

Read about one of the 2017 - 2018 CITER undergraduate summer students research project highlighting the impact of CITER funding contribution to translational research.

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Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

20 Medi 2018

The 2018 Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair Annual Scientific Meeting took place between 17 - 18 September at the Vale Resort, Hensol.


CITER's first time to exhibit at the Green Man Festival 2018

20 Awst 2018

CITER’s first time to exhibit at the Green Man Festival 2018.

We are regularly engaged in an increasing number of outreach events each year, including public events and dedicated CITER-run primary school visits.

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The award enabled me to travel as a visiting Research Fellow to my collaborator for a few days each month together with attending numerous related conferences to present my work. This bursary has provided an important first step towards developing this technology for utilisation in Cardiff and embarking on a programme of independent research.

Dr Rebecca Hemming, Research Project Seedcorn Funding