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Working for a healthier tomorrow at work - where do we go from here?

Starts: 8 December 2008

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Monday 8th December 2008

Reardon Smith Theatre, National Museum Cardiff, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NP

Working for a healthier tomorrow at work - where do we go from here?

A one-day conference to explore research needs

Recent developments in policy and practice on work and health have stressed the unacceptable social and economic costs of not being in productive employment and at the same time emphasized the positive aspects of work on health and well-being. But it is clear that traditional work hazards have not entirely abated and new ones continue to emerge in an economy in which the work and employment relationship is increasingly precarious. This situation makes for a complex policy scenario, in which it is important that research helps to inform a balanced, evidence based, view on setting priorities.

The aim of this conference, which is hosted by the Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre (CWERC) is to explore the future of research into work, health, safety and well-being. It will help to clarify the research agenda and discuss its funding. Its approach combines the perspectives of policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders on what they need from research, while at the same time giving consideration to some of the major challenges presented by emerging findings.

Hosted by: Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre, Cardiff University

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