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Paradoxes of the supply chain and workers’ health and safety: An international seminar on the role of the supply chain in health and safety management and performance

Starts: 09:00  3 March 2009
Ends:  17:30  3 March 2009

Venue: Committee Room 1, Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Ave., Cardiff, CF10 3WT

Speakers: David Walters, Phil James, Annie Thebaud Mony, Helen Sampson, Pernille Hohnen, Caroline Lloyd, Genevieve Baril-Gingras, Elsa Underhill, Kaj Frick, Lawrence Waterman, Richard Johnstone and Michael Rawlings

Improving supply chain management is an important goal for businesses that operate in increasingly flexible, globalised and deregulated economies. To improve their market position and competitiveness, organisations in both the private and public sector have outsourced activities and at the same time increased price and delivery demands on suppliers both locally and globally. Logistics in the movement of goods have evolved apace with these changes to achieve faster and cheaper transportation. Increasingly complex contracting and subcontracting arrangements have also resulted, transforming the management of work and the relations between employers and employees in some industries.

What does this mean for the experience of work involved in these relationships?

For many, competitive price and delivery arrangements, increased efficiency in transport and fragmented management of work on multiple contractor/sub contractor worksites has meant poor labour conditions and increased health and safety risks. At the same time, paying increasing attention to managing supply chains leads to suggestions that they can be managed to improve health and safety outcomes.

This seminar presents a range of recent research and thinking from the UK, other EU countries, Australia and North America and offers a unique opportunity for discussion of these important issues in an international research forum. It is made possible by a research project reviewing the effects of supply chains on health and safety undertaken at Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre and funded by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).



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