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What We Do

CUREMeDE’s aims are:

  • To create networks of multidisciplinary collaboration and a forum for research discussion.
    CUREMeDE is a way of linking people who are researching the education and training of health professionals. CUREMeDE networks can provide support for those preparing bids or working on research or evaluation projects.
  • To bid for and win external funding.
    CUREMeDE secures external funding for projects.  Some studies are undertaken as part of core-funding. 
  • To ensure findings from research and evaluation transfer to practice.
    CUREMeDE recognises the importance of knowledge mobilisation. The Wales Postgraduate Deanery provides the link between the Unit and the day-to-day practice of postgraduate medical and dental education.   Formal dissemination is through meetings, conference presentations and publications.
Doctor and Dentist

The success of the CUREMeDE is realised in terms of:

  • securing research funding
  • completing  collaborative research and evaluation projects
  • translating findings into practice and publications