Research briefings

Our 60 second briefings help you keep up to date with all the Institute's latest research.

Image of Professor Shepherd at the Have a Word launch event

Have a Word

Preventing alcohol misuse offending and injury through motivational advice in criminal justice and health services.

Image of the Cardiff Model team

The Cardiff Model

Preventing violence using unique information from emergency health services.

Image of a city with skyscrapers linked together by lines of data


The International Technology Alliance in Distributed Analytics and Information Science (DAIS ITA) is a joint US/UK research programme set up to unlock the potential of “big data” in front line situations, where people and computer systems need to collaborate in a coalition of multiple agencies.

Image of a cartoon cat warning people about crime, on the wall of Goodge Street underground station.

Behavioural Crime Prevention

Using nudges, tugs and teachable moments in crime prevention communications.