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About Us

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Jacqui Kempa


The Day Care Centre at 43-45 Park Place provides day care facilities for students' children aged 10 weeks to 5 years. Further information and details of fees are available on request. Early application is advisable. The Centre is open between 08.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs Monday - Friday for most of the year. 

Contact: Jacqui Kempa on (++) 44 (0) 29 20 874135,
e-mail: or fax: (++) 44 (0) 29 875131

We are currently registered for 64 children aged 10 weeks to 5 years. Places are allocated to boys and girls and the Centre is divided into sections appropriate to the ages and development of the children. We provide care through the medium of English with basic Welsh introduced. We endeavour to provide some care provision through the medium of Welsh wherever practicable.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Centre, especially during the first few weeks of the new term. There is a well established routine in each section (details of the daily activities can be seen on the notice boards). Each child is given a "keyworker", a member of staff who will be particularly responsible for your child's individual needs.

A nutritious, well balanced meal, cooked on the premises, is provided midday. Mid-morning and afternoon snacks are also given, making it unnecessary for parents to bring extra food to the Centre. We are able to cater for vegetarian and other diets and would be pleased to discuss the menus with you.


We are staffed in accordance with CSSIW regulations.

Day Care Manager
Deputy Day Care Manager
4 Additional Section Leaders
Full Time Nursery Nurses and Part Time Nursery Nurses and Assistants
1 Cook

Ratios of staff to children are as follows:
Babies under 2 years - 1 Adult to 3 Children
Toddlers 2-3 years - 1 Adult to 4 Children
Children 3-5 years - 1 Adult to 8 Children

The majority of the staff have NNEB,  BTEC, CACHE Diploma or NVQ level 3 Nursery Nursing qualifications and the remaining staff have various child care certificates including NVQ level 2 and WPPA.  All full time and majority of part time staff have first aid qualification.  We aim to have all staff first aid trained. 

We hold IiP status (Investors in People)


The children's health and safety are paramount at all times.

Entry to the premises is via locked doors only (fitted with spy holes and safety chains). Under NO circumstances will we permit collection of your child by an unauthorised person.

Equipment is checked regularly and fire drills are carried out by the University Safety Officer.

The majority of the staff are trained First Aiders.

Once a term a Health Visitor visits for two hours and is available for consultation on any child health matters.


There is a clearly defined educational programme comprising Birth to three matters and is planned to cover the Foundation phase based on the Desirable outcomes for the 3-7 year olds for Children's Learning before Compulsory School Age (ACCAC 2000).  We introduce the areas of learning through topics and project work.

Birth to three matters cover:

1. A strong Child
2. A skilful Communicator
3. A Competent Learner
4. A Healthy Child

Foundation Phase:

1. Language, literacy and communication skills
2. Personal and social development
3. Mathematical development
4. Knowledge and understanding of the world
5. Physical development
6. Creative development.
7. Bilingualism and Multicultural Understanding.

A selection of each child's work and developmental achievements will be collated by the key worker and may be viewed by you at any time. These records will accompany the child when they leave the Day Care Centre.

Occasionally, weather permitting, children are taken for walks or short excursions.


The building is not adapted for children with severe physical disabilities but we will assess each child on its individual needs, and accommodate where possible.


The Day Care Centre is committed to the University Equal Opportunity Policy and we are aware of the importance of promoting non-discriminatory practices and adopting a positive attitude towards race, religion, language, gender and disability. We aim to answer children's questions in an honest way.


The Day Care Centre is committed to staff training and two training days a year and regular in-service training is undertaken. Where appropriate the Day Care staff are invited to attend seminars organised by Children's Services and report back to colleagues.