Urban Design - International

Image montage for MSc IPD Urban Design RouteFrom skyscrapers to slum improvement, the challenges of international urban design are immense, explored in this specialism through intensive studio work and field studies. The specialism includes two linked modules.

Designing Cities

... focuses on urban design in global(ised) cities, developing an understanding of the physical outcomes of high density and unequal development. Students designs will address the quality of the urban realm in cities in a globalised world, crafting either a high density development scheme, or regeneration proposals for a low-income settlement.

Site Planning, Design and Development

... introduces contemporary issues in site planning for the development process. With a focus on UK planning, students explore the ideals that shape modern site planning, and how planners influence design, preparing a layout for a city centre site following UK standards and policies.

Pre-requisite Skills
This specialism is an intensive programme for those with visual awareness and previous drawing/design experience, eg: a degree in architecture, urban planning with a design focus, engineering, or landscape architecture, If you are interested in this option, please bring a portfolio of recent work to Cardiff at the start of the course.