Topping the RAE League

Cardiff – the UK’s greatest concentration of world-leading planning researchers

The School of Geography and Planning has been independently rated the Top UK Planning School for research for over twenty years. In the latest RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) it tops the league again - on the most meaningful indicator: Research Power. Cardiff is by far the biggest planning school in the UK, with 42 active researchers. Its research environment has been judged to be outstanding. Over 90% of its research activity is recognised internationally in terms of originality, significance and rigour. It has by far the largest critical mass of leading international researchers in its field: 25 researchers* are judged to be operating at an internationally excellent level, with 10 of these producing work that is world-leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour. No other UK planning school comes close to having this concentration of world-leading and internationally excellent quality. For this reason, the authoritative publication, Research Fortnight, ranks Cardiff as the Planning School with the greatest Research Power. It has also computed the total Research Power** in the UK planning academy, ranked each school’s market share and expressed the market share of our competitors as a fraction of Cardiff’s (as market leader).

* Strictly speaking (because of the way research output is measured), it is the equivalent of 25 researchers. Four outputs were submitted per member of staff. 60% of research outputs were judged internationally excellent. This means that an equivalent of 25 staff (60% of 42) are operating at this level. Actually, more than 25 staff are operating to some degree at an internationally excellent level.

** Market share takes account of quality as well as quantity.