Funded Research Projects 2008

Veterinarian styles of regulation: capture or culture?
Dr GP Enticott
Sponsor: ESRC (£79,930)
Duration: 01/07/2008 - 31/07/2010

Assessing the impact and effectiveness of the ethical framework
Dr RJW Cowell, Dr AH Thomas, Dr JD Downe
Sponsor: Standards Board for England (£288,530)
Duration: 01/01/2008 – 01/01/2013

Evaluation Champion
Dr GP Enticott
Sponsor: TSD (£19,525)
Duration: 15/03/2008 - 31/08/2009

The challenge of private urban governance and the rise of gated communities in Europe - GATEDPUG
Prof CJ Webster
Sponsor: Commission of the European Communities (£123,292)
Duration: 01/10/2008 - 30/09/2010

Green innovation: Is Wales leading the way in "green" regional innovation systems?
Prof PN Cooke, Mrs C De Laurentis
Sponsor: Welsh Government (£9,980)
Duration: 01/10/2008 - 30/09/2009

Centre for education in the built environment
Prof CJ Webster, Prof PJ Jones
Sponsor: Higher Education Academy (£254,629)
Duration: 01/08/2008 - 31/07/2009

Review of current practices and criteria used to integrate environmental and social aspects into urban infrastructure development processes in cities in Europe
Dr AC Flynn, Dr PH Feindt
Sponsor: United Nations (£4,440)
Duration: 01/11/2008 - 28/02/2009

Support for additional knowledge exchange activities
Prof TK Marsden, Dr LC Kitchen
Sponsor: Scottish Government (£7,247)
Duration: 01/09/2008 - 28/02/2009

Homelessness and Eastern European migrant workers in Wales
Prof P Milbourne
Sponsor: Big Lottery Fund (£5,875)
Duration: 18/11/2008- 31/05/2010