Economic Crises: Regional Resilience

What is ECR2?

The economic crisis currently engulfing advanced western economies represents one of the greatest challenges facing the European economy in over 50 years. The differential effects of this across Europe has highlighted the advantages of those local and regional economies that have greater economic 'resilience', and stimulated interest in what might make some regions more resilient than others.

In recognition of this, the ESPON programme has commissioned a study on Economic Crises: Regional Resilience. Known by the acronym ECR2, the study is being led by the School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University on behalf of a partnership of seven leading European institutions.  Details of the study and the partners can be found in the accompanying pages.

Engaging with ECR2

The study will engage with policymakers as well as academic audiences through an active programme of dissemination. We also welcome interaction through our Linked-in Group and by direct contact. News, event information and project documentation will be added to this site as it becomes available.