Centre Staff

The Centre has an interdisciplinary expertise across human and economic geography, planning, political science, anthropology and sociology. It includes junior and senior researchers who have expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Dr Roberta Sonnino - Director
Cardiff School of Planning and Geography
Roberta is a Reader in the School of Planning and Geography where she has been involved in international research on local food systems, rural development, public procurement, urban food strategies and food security. To date, Roberta has received invitations to speak about her research throughout Europe, in Brazil, the USA and at the United Nations, and has acted as a commentator to print and broadcast media organizations in Italy, Finland, Denmark and the UK.

Professor Terry Marsden - Co-Director
Sustainable Places Research Institute
Terry is Director of the Sustainable Places Research Institute and understakes empirical and theoretical work on environmental sustainability and post-disciplinary studies and approaches to sustainability science. This broad agenda encapsulates three more specific research areas with regard to sustainable food systems. These include research on sustainable rural-urban linkages, the construction of sustainable communities, and finally charting the rise and significance of the bio-economy since the food, fuel, fiscal and financial crisis began in 2007-8.

Professor Kevin Morgan - Co-Director
Cardiff School of Planning and Geography
Kevin is Professor of Governance and Development in the School of Planning and Geography at Cardiff University, where he is also the Dean for Engagement. One of his core research interests is the theory and practice of sustainable food systems with particular reference to the role of public food provisioning, community food enterprises, and urban food strategies. He is a founding member of the food planning movement in Europe and is also actively involved in food policy debates as a member of the Food Ethics Council and as the Chair of the Bristol Food Policy Council.

Professor Paul Milbourne
Paul is Head of the Cardiff School of Planning and Geography, Director of Cardiff University's Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space, and Director of the Wales Rural Observatory. His research interests lie at the intersection of social and environmental geographies. Recent research has explored community gardening in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods in the UK with a particular focus on social and environmental forms of (in)justice, and community growing projects in Wales, including allotments, community gardening, community supported agriculture and school growing projects. Paul is currently undertaking research on the relations between food, poverty and justice in urban and rural places, and on older people and allotment gardening.

Dr Mara Miele
Mara is a Reader in the School of Planning and Geography, whose research addresses the geographies of ethical foods consumption and the role of animal welfare science and technology in challenging the role of farmed animals in current agricultural practices and policies. In recent years a strand of her research has been dedicated to the investigation of the role of food movements such as Slow Food in fostering more sustainable food consumption practices and the emergence of the Citta’Slow for promoting the philosophy of Slow Food in urban planning.  More recent research has focused on ethical food consumption and she has worked with a large interdisciplinary network of social and animal welfare scientists for developing innovative forms of critical public engagement with science that produced the EU animal welfare standard (Welfare Quality).

Dr Christopher Bear
Chris is a Lecturer in the School of Planning and Geography. His ongoing research explores the changing relationships between humans, animals and technologies in food systems. This work has focused especially on commercial fisheries and on dairy farming. He has recently completed an ESRC-funded study (with Lewis Holloway, University of Hull) of the adoption of robotic milking technologies in the dairy sector. Previous research explored the role of assurance schemes in producing and communicating information about food.

Dr Crispin Cooper
Researcher, Sustainable Places Research Institute.

Dr Gareth Enticott
Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography.

Dr Alex Franklin
Alex is a Research Fellow at the Sustainable Places Research Institute and a co-editor of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning. Her research interests include knowledge practice, community-led sustainability action, land ownership/ shared land use, rural development and human-animal relationships. Examples of recent and on-going research work include: an action research informed longitudinal study of a community food hub ('Stroudco' - Gloucestershire, England); a study of 'learning journeys' in connection with community sustainability action in Wales (commissioned by Welsh Government);  and a collaborative study of the Federation of City Farms and Community Garden's 'Community Land Advisory Service' (CLAS). In addition to research undertaken in the UK, Alex has also been involved with numerous international collaborative studies of community-led sustainability action, including within North and South America, mainland Europe and China.

Dr Ana Moragues Faus
Ana is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Planning and Geography. Her research revolves mainly around sustainable and just food systems, having developed most of her work in European countries and Latin America. Her publications and participation in national and international research projects and conferences tackle aspects of sustainable rural development, civic food networks, urban-rural linkages, sustainable food security, food governance and social movements. Engagement is also central to her research work, being involved in participatory-action research and knowledge brokerage projects. She is currently engaged as work package leader of the EU-funded project Knowledge Brokerage Activities for Sustainable Food Production and Consumption (FOODLINKS, 2010-2013).

Dr Alastair M. Smith
Research Fellow, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography.