Ongoing and Recently Funded Research Projects

Transmango: Assessment of the impact of drivers of change on Europe's food and nutrition security (European Union, 2014-2018) - Sonnino, Marsden and Moragues-Faus.

Knowledge Brokerage Activities to Promote Sustainable Food Consumption and Production: Linking Scientists, Policymakers and Civil Society Organizations (FOODLINKS) (European Commission, 2011-2013) – Sonnino and Morgan.

Urban, Peri-Urban and Regional Food Dynamics: Towards an Integrated and Territorial Approach to Food (PUREFOOD) (European Commission, 2010-2014) – Sonnino.

Growing a Healthy Older Population: Community and allotment gardening amongst older people in South Wales (National Institute for Social Care and Health Research, 2011-13) – Milbourne.

Assessment of the application of the EU 2010 directive on meat chickens’ welfare (DEFRA, 2012-2014) - Miele.

An exploration of factors that influence the expansion of the area affected by endemic bTB (DEFRA, 2012-2014) -Enticott.

Farmers’ confidence in vaccines for bovine tuberculosis (DEFRA, 2010-2015) - Enticott.

Pilot EU Centre on Animal Welfare and Research Network (EUWelNet’ EU DG-Sanco, 2013) - Miele.

Action Research: Solidarity Purchasing Groups in Valencia (Generalitat Valenciana, Spain, 2011-2013) – Moragues Faus.

Participation of small farmers in fair trade initiatives in Latin America: collective action, governance and social capital (Centre for Cooperation and International Development-UPV, 2011-2013) - Moragues Faus.

The halal meat market in Wales, potentials and barriers (Welsh Government, 2012) – Miele.

Biodiversity and Food Security: Developing Collaborative Policy for Seagrass Conservation’, (Darwin initiative for UK Overseas Territories Challenge Fund, 2012-2013) - Smith (participant).

Community action for climate change: Pathfinder learning review (Welsh Government , 2012-2013) - Franklin.

Sustainable agri-food systems and rural development in the Mediterranean Partner Countries (SUSTAINMED) (European Commission, 2011-2012) - Moragues Faus (participant).

Forecast for the Future: Scaling Up the Community Food Sector(Plunkett Foundation, 2010-12) – Morgan and Sonnino.

Assessing Sustainability in the Context of Food Security – (Joint Research Centre, European Commission, 2012-13) - Sonnino and Moragues Faus.

Community Grown Food in Wales (Welsh Government, 2010-11) – Milbourne.

Planting Spaces, Growing Places: Community gardening in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods in the UK (Cardiff University, 2008-12) - Milbourne.

Cultures of veterinary regulation (ESRC, 2008-2010) - Enticott.

Veterinary Capacity in Wales (WAG, 2008-2010) - Enticott.