PhD Students

The School of Geography and Planning has recently been awarded eight President’s Research Scholarships on the theme of Food and Sustainable City-Regions. This funding scheme has contributed to establish at Cardiff University one of the largest post-graduate communities of food researchers in the world.

  • Jessica Spayde (Marie Curie Fellow)

  • Bella Beynon (ESRC-sponsored)
    Researching: The Role of Food Policies and Strategies in Creating Sustainable and 'Just' Places

  • Claire Bloomfield
    Researching: Hospital Food: What are the Opportunities and Constraints to Sustainable Development?

  • Ray Chan (President's Scholar)
    Researching: Rethinking sustainability: a case study of state-led bamboo forest governance and sustainability in Lin’an China between 1949 and 2012

  • Laura Colebrooke (President's Scholar)
    Researching: Finding the Plot: Communities, Agriculture and Local Authorities on the Urban Fringe

  • Rohit Madan (ESRC-sponsored)
    Researching: Agri-Tourism in the Global South: Sustainable Development and the Ecological Landscapes of the Mumbai-Pune Region

  • Susannah McWilliams (President's Scholar)
    Researching: Constructing the Sustainable Food Chain: The Potential of Local Food Systems Within the Provision of Sustainable Hospital Food

  • Tezcan Mert Cakal
    Researching: Community Food Growing in Wales as a Way of Sustainable Living

  • Kate Mulready (ESRC-sponsored)
    Researching: Sustainability and Equity: Fair and Ethical Trade in Wales and Sub-saharan Africa in the Context of the Wales For Africa Programme

  • Hannah Pitt (President's Scholar)
    Researching: Becoming a community garden

  • Karolina Rucinska
    Researching: The Enviropig effects. STS study of biotechnological innovation enactments in animal farming

  • Natalia Stutter (President's Scholar)
    Researching: Street Food in Developing Countries