Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space

The Centre for Research on Environment, Society and Space (CRESS) is a major research centre based at Cardiff University, UK. It replaces the Centre for Rural Environment and Society (CRES), which was established in 2004 to develop a growing volume of rural and environmental research within the University. CRESS is concerned to bring together environmental and social research themes in respect to rural areas, making connections between natural, social, cultural, economic and political processes within rural spaces. The Centre aims to develop significant programmes of research and international collaborative working, as well as PhD and Masters courses around rural and environmental themes.

CRESS has a multi-disciplinary focus, with researchers drawn from human geography, planning, sociology and landscape ecology. Expertise is provided across a broad range of research themes, including rural society and culture; rural economy; the sustainability of rural environments; rural and environmental governance; environmental justice and rural welfare; rural housing and services; agri-food systems; and ethical consumption.

Currently, funded research programmes and projects to the value of £2.3 million are being directed by members of CRESS. Current and recent projects include the Wales Rural Observatory (Welsh Assembly Government, 2003-), Climate Change Consortium for Wales (Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, 2009-2014) and Delivering renewable energy under devolution (Economic and Social Research Council, 2011-2012).

CRESS is directed by Professor Paul Milbourne. The Centre contains 16 members of staff who have an active interest in the rural and environmental research fields - Dr Jon Anderson, Dr Gillian Bristow, Dr Richard Cowell, Dr Gareth Enticott, Dr Andrew Flynn, Dr Alex Franklin, Dr Lawrence Kitchen, Professor Terry Marsden, Dr Mara Miele, Dr Adrian Morley, Professor Kevin Morgan, Dr Scott Orford, Dr Nerys Owens, Jonathan Radcliffe and Dr Roberta Sonnino.

Further information about CRESS can be obtained using the contact details below.

Prof Paul Milbourne

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75791