Policy Advice and Consultancy

Staff at the Centre of Economic Geography are highly active in both research and policy-related advice.  We work across the EU to deliver relevant, high quality research which is published in leading journals and used by policy-makers.  Our research projects are funded by the EU, national bodies and other funding organisations in the fields of economic resilience, regional competitiveness etc.

In the past year staff have provided advice and evidence to the European Commission on Smart Specialisation, and worked with national and regional authorities in Wales, the UK, Poland, Basque region and Cantabria on the same topic.  They have provided evidence to Welsh Assembly inquiries on Horizon 2020 and the Structural Funds.

In the field of resilience, much of our activity is built around developing the intellectual foundations of a new field of research. In doing so we are actively contributing to academic debates in the UK, Ireland and to European audiences.  We welcome opportunities to share our knowledge and to work in collaboration with others and have a thriving postgraduate community that we are continuing to develop.