Oxfam Experience Day

Rhiannon Cox, an A-level student studying at Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre in Chepstow, was the recent winner of an Oxfam Experience Day with the Cardiff School of Planning and Geography.

The conditional offer holder at the School won a night in a 4 star hotel in Oxford and the following day was taken to Oxfam House to discuss relevant issues with staff members regarding the work they do for Oxfam.

Rhiannon said "I was struck by the positive images greeting me when I arrived at Oxfam House. I expected to see pictures of starving children but was instead faced with images of strong, healthy individuals and families who have been helped by money donated. I was also blown away by how many initiatives Oxfam have taking place and how they are able to help people on so many levels".


The Experience Day winner was then taken to London to meet Professor Duncan Green, Oxfam GB's Senior Strategic Adviser, who is due to provide an Innovation and Engagement talk for the School on 15th October entitled 'What's Hot and What's Not: Trends in Development Thinking' in which he will draw on some of the key moments and ideas that are shaping our understanding of development.

Professor Green discussed numerous international development issues with Rhiannon and then took her to the final part of the day which was to attend the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign meeting with Ben Phillips, Oxfam Campaigns Director in which, behind the scenes, over 150 organisations are giving their support. Please do show your support by signing up and purchasing your IF wristband.